Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Happy Hour @ Wala Wala

we recently got shifted from Sunday Happy Hour to Tuesday's,
I know it's smack in the middle of dinner time (7pm-9pm)
but I dare say I've been having the grilled chicken & the dory fish fillet
once every week for the past year, and am not sick of it yet.

so come on down to Wala Wala for dinner!
they don't just have fried chicken and beer, hello!
they have this amazing mushrooms in some sauce that is deliiiissshh.

i'm with clarence and dayvid on guitar,
we have a fetish for turning R&B/hip-hop into acoustic sounds,
but I admit Way Back Into Love, or Rehab, or High & Dry
usually gets the most attention.

and you know, I always sing John Legend's We Just Don't Care
just because I can't get enough of hearing myself sing it.


生活小記 said...

I want to listen...but I live in Taiwan>_<

Anonymous said...

come to singapore!! haha!!

生活小記 said...

If I could, I will go to singapore.^O^

Anonymous said...

hey kewei =D where is wala wala? hehe. anyw, do take care! cya later at harry's :)

Anonymous said...

wala wala is at holland v.. kewei.. so you will be singing there on tues night?

Anonymous said...

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