Sunday, July 27, 2008

addicted to my own songs.

i am rediscovering the joys of creation!

been intensively conceptualising the direction of my album,
thinking about how i want each song to be like:
the instrumentation,
the feel,
the vibe,
the story...

i now hear every song in relation to my album template,
and such a focused direction is very... energising :)

i must say,
that i'm still in the very early stages of production,
this may take half a year or so to bear fruit.

wait for it.. wait for it.


Anonymous said...

ALl the best for the production of ur OWN album!!
Did u sign for any label/company?

Anyway.. i am sooo looking forward to listening ur own songs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

waiting patiently. Do let us know once it is ready

Anonymous said...

Ill sure get one when its release =]

Be sure to hold a 签唱会 too.

Anonymous said...

heyy good music worth to wait...
do jiayou on working on your album~!
but dun stress urself!~
take care hor! :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, Do u know Elisa (your chorce partner in DT's concerts) also released her EP last 2 months ago? She wrote all the songs of the EP.. its quite good. I believe yours must be also a good album! Jiayou!:)

Evonne said...

Looking forward ur album :DDDD
Jiayous!! =D

Anonymous said...

Kewei,你要堅持 & 加油呀! I like your song, and I am looking forward to see your ablum in Hong Kong!


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