Friday, November 9, 2007

post Amei Singapore concert!

always feels great to have a show in Singapore!
back in my hometown, where my family and friends can come see the show!

almost all the backing vocals were on antibiotics for
different strains of flu, runny nose, sore throat,
including myself.

this morning/afternoon
i woke up with a crackly hoarse voice
and sorely aching balls of feet
and a permanently numb third right toe.
(due to excessive bouncing around on killer high heeled boots for 3.5 hours)

running off for a facial now!
i am 4 concerts behind in blogging!!

holler if you saw the show last night!
it was a great crowd, and very funny!


Unknown said...

My passport was ready,I am applying the visa for Sg now, haha ,can not wait to see this beautiful city.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kewei,

I was there last nite @ Amei Sg concert...It was bravo! The band, back-up vocalists were fantastic..All very good musicians....and of course, A-mei was at her best peak of performance! Really fantastic! Yeah, i saw your pair of killer heels boots...hehe...but u looked gd yesterday & u rockz!

Well-done everyone!!! 3 Cheers to you guys! =)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. great job.. was quite impress by u when doing the intro.. u was singing jie mei.. how come u did not have any album???

Anonymous said...

Me! I was there :) I'm still suffering from a concert hangover leh..
The concert was fantastic!! Amei was in her element and her powerful vocals blew me away. Haha she enjoyed seeing each of her musicians sing Jie Mei, especially Kheng Long. He's a sport. I sported Jim Lim (formerly of Dreamz FM)too. Is he a regular on the concert circuit? Kudos to the whole team and the spontaneous audience for putting up a superb show.

Talking of killer heels, Amei has mastered the art of wearing 6 inch heels like she was wearing sneakers! I salute her man.

I'm so tempted to catch the concert in Taipei next month. Would it be very similar to the one in Sg?

Anonymous said...

Hah! the concert was indeed funny, someone even proposed to amei! LOL.
& Nice voice you have.
Hope to see you in more concerts! ^^

Anonymous said...

omg! u completely spoiled jie mei with that extra line u sang!

K said...

to beherca: welcome!!!

and to jaslin, thanks dearie!

to chris: yup jim does quite a bit of backing vox too :) the taipei show, im not too sure but it might be slightly different! taipei shows usually are!

to anon, welcome my first bitchy detractor! im getting famous!


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