Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back home. at last, at last.

these are trying times, being on the road.

brings you to a very different level of professionalism.

we had to take a flight from Xi-An to Beijing,
then from Beijing back to Singapore.

but due to bad weather, our flight was delayed for 2 hours from Xi-An,
and we subsequently missed our flight to Singapore.

so we waited at the Beijing airport for another 9 hours till past midnight.


flight for 6 hours.
there is something very mystical about an airplane filled with sleeping people.
uncomfortable sleeping people, in various positions of half slouch, cocked heads,
uneasy shifting of pillows, necks, legs.

we reach singapore, dawn is breaking.

cab home.

loooonnnggg hot bath
no luxury to sleep
cab to Indonesian Embassy for Jakarta work visa next week.

waited for another 1.5 hours.
there and then i thought,
i have never waited so much in the span of 24 hours.

my turn finally arrived,
she stamped on my document,
it was over in 1 minute,
and i realise i don't have enough cash to pay.

what to do?
cab out to get money.

and i couldn't help but wonder (can't help but do an OS by carrie bradshaw)
how is it possible that the act of waiting/doing absolutely nothing
could be so tiring.

flying is usually almost a one-day affair,
fly for show, DO the show, fly back from show.

i need to work out a little inflight routine to keep my sanity intact.


Anonymous said...

kewei, been a loyal fan of ur blog.. i love ur voice!!!
performing has always been my dream but didn't have a channel to do so...

can u advise me how to?

Anonymous said...

heyy kewei :)
welcome back to sg! lolz.
few days more u also need to fly for another concert. anyway, jiayou for it, but don't tired yourself.
have a good rest kkz.
take care yah!~

Anonymous said...

so nice yeh!!i love this version,,,fang da tong lose le!!LOL got time view my video la..TQTQ hope u reply...hope can be fren with u ...

Anonymous said...

hi kewei, its good to hear some updates from you! well, rest well in the mean time and catch up on your beauty sleep before you get busy again... and you know what? it's getting near to 1st nov, and i'm really looking forward to that very day! see you REALLLLLL SOOONNN :)

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

HI Kewei,
Poor u having to go thru so much hassle just to reach home! However....u r going to see Leehom these few days, so perk up! Hahaa....wishing u guys and gals a great show in Shanghai! Will be seeing u at the SG concert on 1 Nov! Please provide us the goss on Leehom's show!!!

Winter Breeze said...

get some rest kewei ^__^

this is what being a super star is all about =p

take caree!

"chew cup fanz"

Unknown said...

Dear kewei,

"Jia Yo lor" There is a long way to go, but I believe you can make it. We cannot go the one in Jakata, but our heart will be with you guys.

Hope everything will be fine with you.


Anonymous said...

hi kewei,
im also a loyal fan of yours. I lurve your voice too.
You are such a inspiring person. You inspire me to become like you as a background singer. But well, I don't know much about harmonising. Is there any website/books that I can learn about it? I truely wish to be like you... can help me?

Anonymous said...

ft, take part in competitions, showcases, etc :) if you're in school, get into a songwriting club or whatever. meet people like yourself!!

xt it was great talking to you yesterday :) jiayou for your next competition!

hi anon, no link to your vid!

dazo, yes performing in sg always gets me high hehe

zelina, yesyes i miss leehom already hehe

thanks chew cup fan jason! i would be going to HK soon end nov for a gig! haha!

good to meet you sophie! :D great we had time to talk in tianjin :)

hi HY, thanks so much... glad i can inspire you :) its great to have dreams and work towards them... hmm don't aim to be a background vocalist! aim to be a singer!

Benny said...

Hi Kewei,

Glad you finally got home to Singapore. Have fun at Leehom's concert, and enjoy the atmosphere. Keep up the good work. Would like to go to the concert, but am in Australia...

Keep in touch!
Cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks :)
and i'm not mouse la.. hee :D
going to have a miss for leehom's concert. but most prob will go for hits awards :D

Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of sanity intact?
I feel that you are belong ot the blurr side... do everything also blurr maybe not enough sleep...

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Gosh, poor Kewei, take care and rest yourself.

PS, Nov 1st MM concert will be hold at your hometown, ha~ good luck

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

Hi Kewei!
Having a blast in Shanghai? Have a great concert and remember to take more backstage picts and hopefully some of MISIC-MAN:-) Your picts + comments are very funny and interesting, great to view after a long day! Cheers1

Anonymous said...

aim to be a singer?
Haha, I don't want fame or reputation. I just want to sing well, and to do that, harmonising is the hardest part of singing.
So I wanna work towards it!
Wee =)
So how to improve that?

Anonymous said...

i am a loyal of your blog.
your voice also very nice.

Anonymous said...

hi kewei, good to see this updates.

Take care


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