Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rexults Clinic + Medspa

How experimental are you with facial treatments?

I would say I've tried different kinds of facials, from microdermabrasion, to light therapy, IPL, and recently fractional laser to rid of my pitted acne scars. 

I've worked out some sort of skincare routine coupled with laser treatments from skin doctors, that have worked well in stabilizing my skin condition,

I was recently invited to try the Rexults program at the Clinic and Medspa, and it has been my 3rd time at  the clinic over these past weeks, and I must say I am very impressed, and excited to see the results.

At the apothecary bar at Rexults Medspa after my first ReClarify treatment!

Dr EP Wong is in his late sixties, and one of the most established skin doctors in Singapore. His clients are loyal taitais from Indonesia, and his product line Epiderma, now known as Rexults, is also well known for its efficacy.

My main problems are clogged pores from frequent makeup, pitted scars on my cheek area, and some  pigmentation. I also had old scars on my back from acne problems :(

Dr Wong was an endearing man who was quick to reassure me that my case was simple, and prescribed me a very simple skin-care routine (only 3 products!!!) that I was really insecure about!

It was a cleanser for dry and sensitive skin (I always thought I was  in the Oily skin category), and oil control product (for oily zones) and foundation sunscreen.

No moisturizer! No whitening serum! I was really uncomfortable with that since I was used to skincare routines with at least 4 steps (cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize - as we are all sold by commercial product lines)

He said, nah you don't need it. Just drink more water. Cut out simple sugars like white rice, white bread, and eat healthy!

Simple, no gimmicks, back to basics. I like his purist approach and decided he was right.

I want to add that  this foundation sunscreen is an EXCELLENT product.
Honestly I'm sometimes lazy with sunscreen as I already have moisturizer and makeup base, and I have not found a good sunscreen that doesn't mess with my foundation texture.

This sunscreen is also such a great foundation that I skip don't even use foundation makeup now!

Everyone's prescribed program is different - I started with a ReClarify Face Therapy at the MedSpa, a microdermabrasion procedure with zero downtime. It was the MOST thorough and detailed microdermabrasion I have ever experienced (and I have done this many times), and it was from my neck all the way to my hairline, and the rexults really showed.

Can I add that I could choose my mood lighting for my room, as well as the music! I was suitably impressed and went with cool jazz and blue light for ultimate relaxation.

The next step of my program was a Clarity laser treatment per month for 3 months, to prep my skin before a sublative (more invasive) radiofrequency procedure to rid of my scars and pores. In between the Clarity laser treatment, the MedSpa would provide soothing hydrating face therapy as needed.

In the meantime, the Rexults products would also help to reduce the oil in my skin and would make more pores look smaller, and skin texture more refined.

Will be updating my journey as I progress!

Check them out at , located at Tong Building, between Paragon and Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My first TV role in Channel U's Blissful Living

My very first role on TV is, unsurprisingly,
not too far a departure from my real life!

I play a university undergrad who dreams of becoming a singer
and encourages a fellow dreamer to chase after 
what his heart tells him... 
instead of his head :)

I'm grateful to director Sam Loh for believing in me and 
allowing me a shot at TV acting.

 I really enjoyed myself, 
I remember bouncing on set at the hawker centre at 11pm,
ready to shoot till the wee hours of the morning,
when the rest of the cast and crew had already been at it for the entire day
and were not in the highest of spirits!

In line with the bright cheery personality of my character,
I managed to keep my enthusiasm level throughout the shoot,
(particularly fueled by newcomer vibes)
and I look forward to more of such experiences!

Big thanks to Elvin Tian for editing my excerpts for this showreel!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What's in my bag...

Today's #ootd was monochrome in honour of my new De Manta silk clutch from Alexander McQueen! 

I love this one for so many reasons!

1.The intricate patterns are such a statement - perfect  for  jazzing up any outfit. 
A clutch should always be an eyecatching piece, or a conversation starter :)

2. It's signature shape definitely makes this a statement piece. 

3. It's black and white - easy to match anything.

4. It's roomy enough for lots of stuff! 

And speaking of stuff...
Here are some essentials -

1. ZIIIRO Rose Gold Eclipse watch 
(This statement watch always gets all the attention...)

2. Volkswagen Scirocco key
(Still loving this baby after so many years...)

3. Ettusais Lip Essence (Limited Little Twin Stars edition!)
(Anything Little Twin Stars is irresistible.)

4. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion
(One of  the best foundations I've used,
this one has more coverage than the usual BB Cushions 
and still maintains the dewy fresh look!)

5. Laniege Serum Intense Lipstick
(As the name suggests, intense colour splash!)

6. Euphon lozenges 
(been taking this for the past 5 years and more! 
Only available at Guardian and great for hoarse throats...
and singing of course!)

7. Le Specs sunnies from Ash Asia Singapore 
(Couldn't live without these shades during my Maldives honeymoon..)

Shout-out for Reebonz Marketplace for making luxury shopping so much easier these days - 
it's a global community of the world’s finest independent multi-brand boutiques, 
pre-owned luxury merchants and vintage dealers all on one platform.

You can shop for your favourite items categorised by
+ Designer
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There's a $50 OFF for all readers till 9 August 2015!
Discount Code: SG50

Terms & Conditions: 

- Minimum $500 purchase is required.
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- Applicable to all items except pre-owned merchandise.
- Discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes.

Black Red and Gold love...
Accessories from Curated Editions

Head over to my instagram @keweitay for a free giveaway!
It's the Gucci Miss GG Continental Wallet worth $690,
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Friday, September 12, 2014

心型空洞 Official MV

Download 《心型空洞》 from iTunes here:
Or PREORDER the album now at

鄭可為新單曲《心型空洞》的官方MV终于出炉啦!這首新歌是收錄在她的首張華語專輯《­轉身微笑》,9月15日全岛发行!專輯裡收錄的全都是可為的原創歌曲,希望大家能仔细­聆听。 “心型空洞”的MV也請來了台灣藝人陳禕倫特別演出,兩人的首次配合擦出了什麼火花呢­?

The Official Music Video of Tay Kewei's single《心型空洞》 is finally out! This is a song from her latest album 《轉身微笑》which is her first full Mandarin album. The music video also features Taiwanese actor Allen Chen, and their chemistry is amazing!

《轉身微笑》 will be available at all good music stores rom 15 September 2015.


編曲:Martin Tang

什麼時候才會 離開你

像是一堆爛泥 爬不起
這並不是你的錯 我向自己澄清
你沒有不好 只是太愛自己

不想放棄 歇斯底里忍住愛你
把心交給你 心型空洞

不想逃避 我已經失去勇氣

你不想要這權力 我卻硬塞給你
是我的錯 愛得太用力

不想放棄 歇斯底里忍住愛你
把心交給你 心型空洞

不想逃避 我已經失去勇氣


不想放棄 歇斯底里忍住愛你
把心交給你 心型空洞
只 剩下空虛

不想逃避 我已經失去勇氣

你不要的心早該留 給自己

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My audiophile piano jazz album is OUT NOW!

It's my dream come true to record in Japan..

Check out my Recording Day 1 

Album release news HERE
and preview of the tracks HERE 

Thank you for your support! 


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