Thursday, August 13, 2009

PK rambling...

so i'm just back from an awesome trip to Macau -
had fun jamming all David Tao songs again (after our last show in Jakarta last OCTOBER!)
and hanging out with the DT band :)

and our post party lasted right till 10am when i left for Singapore...
so i was pretty much a wreck the next day,
sleeping till 3pm...
vegging out at home.

and i had this insane cough throughout the concert, till NOW.
i braved through my Wala Wala set just now, trying not to strain my throat too much.

this cough, it's the kind that just spontaneously occurs without warning,
in the middle of singing, talking, or just breathing.
i think it's called the dry cough.
no phlegm, just a weird uneasiness in my throat.

now it has metamorphosised into a full-blown throat infection.

not the best condition to PK in Taipei for 星光大道this weekend.

so before i can get my act together, it's already Wednesday,
and my hair needs a cut-and-dye job,
and I just chose my songs this morning,
and the Taiwan production team is chasing me for a picture and an audition video that I would have to film by myself, to be sent immediately.


And it just feels really strange since nobody understands why the hell I'm going to PK,
since there was this big hoohaa of a competition that so many great singers joined,
and finally earned an opportunity to go,
and here I am just secretly flying there by myself.

It's a long story (I actually tried typing out the story, but after 2 paragraphs I gave up since it was Too Much Information), so in a nutshell,
I have auditioned for 星光5 before, but couldn't commit to the competition,
so they did tell me there was a possibility I could come back to PK.

I didn't know if this was for real, until after the Singapore selections,
when I called them again to check.
(I wouldn't have joined the Singapore selections anyway as I am waaay scared of competitions)

I think the 4 Singaporeans who went are sooo awesome, and honestly I'm sure if I joined the Singapore selections I wouldn't have made it.
I've long seen myself unfit material for competitions.

I'm just going to not think too much about it, not make myself nervous, and just do my thing.


nony said...

Audition vid... something like self-intro? Sing PML, or get Zhiyang and Diya to A Capella college school song with you. :D

Anonymous said...

evonne :)

Anonymous said...

Judging a person's singing ability relative to others is wholly subjective, but... (and this is of utmost respect for Diya, Zhiyang and Aijia's singing) anyone who's ever heard you sing would be crazy to think you wouldn't have been top 4 material, or even better than them for that matter.

You're more than capable enough to stand out in this competition. Believe in yourself, cuz your fans believe in you. All the best.

Sean Ho said...

I don't have doubts about your live singing abilities - you are easily a formidable representative from Singapore as well.

Just remember to fix up your throat infection first and leave a proper impression with the Taiwanese media (who will nitpick at anything if you are not ready).

Get yourself back in shape and stay sharp. Take a moment before you say anything during the PK competition because Taiwan is besieged by the Taiwan typhoon so emotions run high over there).

Good luck!

x[t] said...

Kewei, go for it! jiayou for the PK!
take care and all the best (:
do have some sore throat medicine, and drink lots of water to keep yourself in good condition ok.

加油哦! 告訴你自己﹐你行的。

michelle@HK said...

I have faith in you! Its just verbal... coz you have great experience on stage, concert, gigs, etc! Just try your best and u wont regret! yup u r right,not think too much, not make urself stressed and just do the thing right!!! I love this attitude! No matter we are proud of u!

I will try to search ur perfomance on youtube later!

All the best !!

P.S: when will u come to hk again?!

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