Thursday, August 20, 2009

thank you for the love <3

thank you all for your birthday smses, facebook wall posts, tweets, facebook msgs, emails.

i had my first cake in taipei courtesy of ms kelly poon and mr derrick hoh!
and celebrated with the Singapore PK Team in Taipei! :D


n i landed in Singapore about 11pm, and my smses never stopped...
i really wanted to reply each one of them - but I had no time! :(

i slept till 自然醒 and received a call from Taiwan (!!!)
and before I had the time to update my friends about my disappointing performance at PK,
I had to choose my songs for the next PK again!

and my luggage completely broke so I had to get a new one,
and I'm planning a spontaneous trip to London next month so I had to book airtix asap,
and I was feeling pretty miserable since I hadn't seen my dear ZPGY friends in ages...

but they surprised me (successfully! i must say!) at my house after my family dinner !!!

i was feeling really quite tired, and when i flipped the lightswitch to my room,
it flipped back.


so i flipped it on and it flipped off again.

Ginny: "Hi Kewei."

(PS. where Ginny was hiding near my bed, there was another light switch)

And the rest of them (in the order that I saw: Dawn, Ein, Niko, Edmund, Milk, Mad, Kitty!) appeared in rehearsed succession yelling SURPRISE!!!
(they rehearsed 3 times to prevent 冷场 after the SURPRISE!!)

i was genuinely stunned.
i only started laughing about it .... 10 minutes later.
after the whole birthday cake and candle lighting and blowing and wishmaking hoohaa.

i just had to describe the entire SURPRISE setup because it's my FIRST!
and it was a GREAT ONE!!!


Thank you ZPGY all for the love, and my dear sis for coordinating the ambush :)

Okay, and in 4 hours I will be taking off to Beijing for Leehom show,
and my throat is still bad...
and the doctor gave me a short course of STEROIDS (!!!) since i just can't find time to rest.

all this flying is insane for regular sleeping hours.

and in all insanity, i just had to quickly shoutout with love to all who wished me a happy birthday, at 3:30am when i need to sleep NOW.

so THANK YOU, again. :)


jaslin said...

hey kewei! i want to go taipei watch you to get ticket for the 星光5 PK in Taipei? Is it free admission? anyone can advise me and anyone keen to join me to support Kewei in Taipei??

Anonymous said...

Kewei what day were you in 星光5?? I didnt see you at 21/9/09.

K said...

hi jaslin! :) mm i think can get tickets, i heard sophie from taiwan is going? i don't know..maybe i can put you in touch with her :)

anon, mm i don't know when they're airing, maybe the next episode..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei,

Wish you all the best in the PK...

You can do it..

jaslin said...

oh kewei, does sophie has any email or contact? or she can contact me...


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