Sunday, January 31, 2010

say what? say nothing...

i haven't been blogging recently!
nor feeling any urge to do so...

i suspect it's the facebook and twitter micro-blogging
that kinda breaks down this habit...

but i still love my blog!
it's a precious, thoughtful record of what I've been through,
and I enjoy looking back (when i have the time... which is none recently...)

I wanna talk about our EPs finally being mailed out!
and also AMIT concert which I enjoyed so much!!

but i wanna let pictures do the talking
and i'm lazy to upload pictures.

so instead I'm gonna share with you my thoughts on being a musician.

i think it's so much more hard work and effort to be a good musician, than a good singer!

Being a singer, you are entitled to your own interpretation, your own style,
and you can basically do whatever you want to create some kind of image,
you can even sing like crap but get people to love your style/performance.

Being a musician, you pretty much have no choice but to acquire some chops.
which means hard work and practice.

i'm hardly an instrumental kinda person,
i mainly listen out for vocals in a song...
show me the best musicians to play jazz, or rock, whatever
and i think my focus will wander after a while,
unless they keep surprising me with technicality, or some sort of performance.

But this, I listened to the whole day :)

soothing pop stuff... easy-listening, but beautiful.

but at a live show, he keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Thanks Vincent for reminding me how amazing Tommy Emmanuel is!

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