Monday, June 28, 2010


i have a secret.

sometimes i feel a little displaced from society.

i don't enjoy fast fashion, i don't enjoy relentless retail therapy,
nor our addiction to crass consumerism.

i wish i could find more like-minded people who consciously TRY to play a part
in saving our environment from its eventual doom.

we might not be able to stop the destruction, but we can help slow it down.

have you watched Toy Story 3?
what stood out for me was the all the trash that gets sent to landfills or incinerators.
it's something that ought to be kept in sight, kept in mind.

where all these consumer products come from, where they go when we "trash" them out.

i blogged about this, here it is again - The Story of Stuff.



Anonymous said...

i posted that pic on fb! :p

Unknown said...

You are awesome, I hope you can make a greater difference being a celebrity, and be able to spread these thoughts through main stream media! shopping and waste are NOT COOL.


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