Saturday, January 11, 2014

Performance in Shanghai!

What an adventure! 
I flew to Shanghai to perform - 
And our first stop was hairy crab!

This is officially the second time I'm having this in Shanghai,
The first being my previous performance in Shanghai as well :)

I spent a good 30 min destroying my crab. 

Was greeted with a good old flower power piano at the lobby.

The next day, 
to cut a long story short,
the pipes in my hotel room burst and drenched everything in my luggage as it was left open by the window!!!

I was in disbelief, but luckily they dry cleaned all my clothes for me, and there were no electronics in my luggage. 

Everyone was like, you should demand upgrade to a suite! Get compensation!
I would have liked a free spa session hehe, 
But all I  was presented was this at night. 

We headed off to the venue - Marintec China 2013 to perform. 

This beautiful, richly hued jade lace gown was specially sponsored by Labelle Couture!

Love it so much!

So simple but delicate :)

For this show for Caterpillar Marine, I had the good fortune to meet Swedish pianist Christian Lindquist and collaborate with him. 
He is the man behind Solo Piano Diary, a collection of original piano pieces that are a soothing balm for the soul. 

We rehearsed for a bit when he flew to sunny Singapore, and after an hour we realised everything just clicked in place and we understood each others musical styles pretty quickly. before we knew it we were having hairy crabs in shanghai. 

We spent a brief 2-3 days together, had so much fun and have plenty of stories to tell already. 

Christian is funny, sweet and his touch on the piano is so sentimental and delicate. 

It was off to a lovely dinner party after the event!

I also learnt a good amount of Swedish and made Christian learn how to sing 月亮代表我的心!
More soon... 

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