Sunday, August 2, 2015

What's in my bag...

Today's #ootd was monochrome in honour of my new De Manta silk clutch from Alexander McQueen! 

I love this one for so many reasons!

1.The intricate patterns are such a statement - perfect  for  jazzing up any outfit. 
A clutch should always be an eyecatching piece, or a conversation starter :)

2. It's signature shape definitely makes this a statement piece. 

3. It's black and white - easy to match anything.

4. It's roomy enough for lots of stuff! 

And speaking of stuff...
Here are some essentials -

1. ZIIIRO Rose Gold Eclipse watch 
(This statement watch always gets all the attention...)

2. Volkswagen Scirocco key
(Still loving this baby after so many years...)

3. Ettusais Lip Essence (Limited Little Twin Stars edition!)
(Anything Little Twin Stars is irresistible.)

4. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion
(One of  the best foundations I've used,
this one has more coverage than the usual BB Cushions 
and still maintains the dewy fresh look!)

5. Laniege Serum Intense Lipstick
(As the name suggests, intense colour splash!)

6. Euphon lozenges 
(been taking this for the past 5 years and more! 
Only available at Guardian and great for hoarse throats...
and singing of course!)

7. Le Specs sunnies from Ash Asia Singapore 
(Couldn't live without these shades during my Maldives honeymoon..)

Shout-out for Reebonz Marketplace for making luxury shopping so much easier these days - 
it's a global community of the world’s finest independent multi-brand boutiques, 
pre-owned luxury merchants and vintage dealers all on one platform.

You can shop for your favourite items categorised by
+ Designer
+ The country the boutique is based in
+ Style Period (from the 1950s (!!) or 1970s)
+ Condition (Brand New/Unused etc)

There's a $50 OFF for all readers till 9 August 2015!
Discount Code: SG50

Terms & Conditions: 

- Minimum $500 purchase is required.
- Valid till 9 August 2015
- Applicable to all items except pre-owned merchandise.
- Discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes.

Black Red and Gold love...
Accessories from Curated Editions

Head over to my instagram @keweitay for a free giveaway!
It's the Gucci Miss GG Continental Wallet worth $690,
and I will be picking the lucky winner before 9 August!



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