Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rexults Clinic + Medspa

How experimental are you with facial treatments?

I would say I've tried different kinds of facials, from microdermabrasion, to light therapy, IPL, and recently fractional laser to rid of my pitted acne scars. 

I've worked out some sort of skincare routine coupled with laser treatments from skin doctors, that have worked well in stabilizing my skin condition,

I was recently invited to try the Rexults program at the Clinic and Medspa, and it has been my 3rd time at  the clinic over these past weeks, and I must say I am very impressed, and excited to see the results.

At the apothecary bar at Rexults Medspa after my first ReClarify treatment!

Dr EP Wong is in his late sixties, and one of the most established skin doctors in Singapore. His clients are loyal taitais from Indonesia, and his product line Epiderma, now known as Rexults, is also well known for its efficacy.

My main problems are clogged pores from frequent makeup, pitted scars on my cheek area, and some  pigmentation. I also had old scars on my back from acne problems :(

Dr Wong was an endearing man who was quick to reassure me that my case was simple, and prescribed me a very simple skin-care routine (only 3 products!!!) that I was really insecure about!

It was a cleanser for dry and sensitive skin (I always thought I was  in the Oily skin category), and oil control product (for oily zones) and foundation sunscreen.

No moisturizer! No whitening serum! I was really uncomfortable with that since I was used to skincare routines with at least 4 steps (cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize - as we are all sold by commercial product lines)

He said, nah you don't need it. Just drink more water. Cut out simple sugars like white rice, white bread, and eat healthy!

Simple, no gimmicks, back to basics. I like his purist approach and decided he was right.

I want to add that  this foundation sunscreen is an EXCELLENT product.
Honestly I'm sometimes lazy with sunscreen as I already have moisturizer and makeup base, and I have not found a good sunscreen that doesn't mess with my foundation texture.

This sunscreen is also such a great foundation that I skip don't even use foundation makeup now!

Everyone's prescribed program is different - I started with a ReClarify Face Therapy at the MedSpa, a microdermabrasion procedure with zero downtime. It was the MOST thorough and detailed microdermabrasion I have ever experienced (and I have done this many times), and it was from my neck all the way to my hairline, and the rexults really showed.

Can I add that I could choose my mood lighting for my room, as well as the music! I was suitably impressed and went with cool jazz and blue light for ultimate relaxation.

The next step of my program was a Clarity laser treatment per month for 3 months, to prep my skin before a sublative (more invasive) radiofrequency procedure to rid of my scars and pores. In between the Clarity laser treatment, the MedSpa would provide soothing hydrating face therapy as needed.

In the meantime, the Rexults products would also help to reduce the oil in my skin and would make more pores look smaller, and skin texture more refined.

Will be updating my journey as I progress!

Check them out at , located at Tong Building, between Paragon and Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road :)

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