Thursday, January 22, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Baby!

I'm already mentally prepared for my flight to Las Vegas.


It will take almost ONE DAY, and the best part is I'll be travelling ALONE!!!

i've got books, fully charged NDS and laptop, and prayed for good movies.
Comfy clothes, shoes.
All set!
All ready to camp across 3 seats in the plane.

I wouldn't mind any cute boy across the aisle as well.

On the way back,
I will have reunion dinner crossing timezones,
airplane food complete with disposable cutlery.

It will be strange, but firsts are always like that aren't they.


Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

How nice you are going to Vegas!!! I went there last Sep, but I only stayed one day and did not have any buffet there. >"<

Enjoy the buffet there yo~~

Good show!!! & Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Vegas! Good luck with the concert!

And have a wonderful year of the cow! Moo!

Anonymous said...

and after strange firsts, comes familiar seconds. happy cny!

Ying said...

hi, kewei
Happy Lunar New Year :)

Lam Le said...

i stumbled upon your site while doing a search about lee hom's concert... i saw you all perform in las vegas, and you all did a great job!

were you the backup singer all the way to the (our) right?

Anonymous said...

Yo! Happy NIU year!! :)
asks you arh, this sunday is an event or your personal celebration? hee..


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