Saturday, February 16, 2008

love song.

i was in the car listening to all that Mandarin crap on radio,
and then i heard this strings intro for a song,
and i said, wow this sounds nice.

then the strings stop.

and the drumbeat rolls in.

in that 2 seconds, the OS in my head went:
the song better not suck.

then i hear the voice,
it's fang da tong.

i swear, I SHRIEKED.

the driver suffered such a bad shock he very nearly spun out of control,
but he's a good driver ;)

and I continued shrieking,

i have to explain myself.
i heard someone sing this song in KTV before,
but never really heard it properly.

despite being a fan,
i'm not a order-cd-presale kinda fan,
so honestly I didn't run out first thing in the morning to buy the cd
when I saw his new album out on tv.

but THE FACT that the strings intro struck me amidst all the mediocre crap that is mainstream music,
THAT VERY FACT just proves to myself that good music, and good taste,
can be smelt from a mile away.
or in this case, be heard from the very first few bars of music.

and why couldn't that intro belong to anybody else?
it could have been jaychou or leehom or davidtao or anyone else?
but it had to be him.

i hardly ever gush about Chinese music anymore.

what's been playing on my mp3 player?
fang da tong.
his 2 previous albums.

some friends have commented that his latest CD
is not as great as his previous one,
but to me, his style is one word: distinct.

and i like it too much to fault him for being uncreative or repetitive or whatever.

just give me more of the same thing,
it works for me :D


Anonymous said...

Hi, been visiting your blog ever since ahmei's singapore concert. nice vocal.. jiayou!

I love khalil fang too. but I prefer his previous albums songs. lol.

Anyway, I happened to chance upon a new taiwanese singer joanna wang 王若琳. I fall in love with her songs the first time I heard it. Thought of sharing it with you.

here is for the preview to some of her songs. hope you like it too.

Anonymous said...

'i hardly ever gush about Chinese music anymore' - Well. I suppose u are part of the pathetic mainstream Chinese music flooding our ears now.

K said...

to jun, thanks for the link! joanna wang is gooood. in fact she sounds alot like rachael yamagata. i was rachael's liasion officer at her concert last year when she was in singapore, check out :)

and in fact she is the daughter of David Tao's mentor/producer Wang Zhi Ping laoshi, I think I've met her before :)

and to anon, i'm still glad to be working with artistes who are great performers, people who deal with real music and good ideas. :)

Anonymous said...

hi there, just to say something about khalil :P
i like the lastest and the oldest album of him the most.

i have just watch your performance of fong's song in youtube randomly.
u sings well ;)
i do think somedays later, khalil will get know about it!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

hey keweii..i share similar views with u on mainstream music too...
blame audience/record companies.. we are all the ones who shaped things this way..

im a big fan of khalil too... but u gotta listen to musiq ('whoknows', 'newness' , to be specific.. and musiq used to be called musiq soulchild..) if you havent.. their sound is really similar.. distinct in the chinese music industry only i guess...
still i cant discredit his excellence in song writing/arrangements etc.. him and edward tang's use of rhodes is just beautiful

and please watch this if u have time

another example musicians 'referencing'.. very cleverly done i must admit..

ANYWAY... im goin bak to hk to see DT's concert on 23rd.. looking forward to seeing u there;)

K said...

to insaneyin, thanks! actually khalil has already seen the videos :)

to haemogoblin, thanks for your info... you know what? i really appreciate them :) it was nearly 4am in the morning when i youtubed musiq and... i just wanna thank you for providing me the links, esp for those 2 songs. haha! i was hooked onto it! especially since i never heard of him, and should have long ago.

and commodores' easy? haha yes this one i heard and knew about way back. ;P

are u from HK? :)

Unknown said...

yup im from hk
but im studyin in london now...

i had a chance to see raul midon (heard of him?) last november here... truely amazing.. do wiki/youtube him..
heres an example...

i saw him on stage with just one guitar for 2+ hours and not even a sec was i bored...
now, his guitar playin is unique..

K said...

argh he was just here in Singapore for a Mosaic Music Festival but i missed it....... X_X

Anonymous said...

Hi 可為,

這篇文章可以借轉到Khalil Forum 嗎?thanks
大同在新加坡電台訪問時說跟你見過面,是嗎? 你們在jam歌?
最近在香港的電視和報紙上都見到你,你在DT Concert的表演很矚目啊 XDDD

ruru in HK said...

dear ruru,

please feel free to post my entry in your forum haha :)

yes in fact, i did meet khalil when he was in Singapore :) did you hear it from him? it was a surprise the record label prepared for him - and of course it was great for me to be able to jam with him, even just for a song :)

the "unplugged concert" episode is yet to be broadcast, but once it has been, i'd probably sneak a clip of it and post it on my blog !

heard he's having his concert on 30th Mar, enjoy yourself!!!


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