Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philharmonic Winds Goes Pop!


You cannot believe how excited I am about this show.
As the days inch nearer, everytime I think about it I get NERVOUS!!!

A 50-piece wind orchestra playing for me!!

At the rehearsals,
I felt like I was about to faint.
All the sections... overwhelmed me with all their different parts
as I tried very hard to focus on singing right...

I feel like I'm in a Disney movie soundtrack for all the songs...
I'll be singing 3 songs for the night :)

Also to be headlined next to the incredibly experienced Sebastian Tan!
Definitely an honour :D


Date : 24 Aug 08, Sunday
Time : 730pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Tix : $12-$25

RSVP here on facebook!

also, my Esplanade weekend includes another incredible show this coming Saturday
at the Outdoor Theatre Opening Concert!

This star-studded local showcase is a 1.5hour event,
involving (in order of sequence I think)
Shirlyn Tan, Ngak & Clement, Vanessa Fernandez, Tay Kewei
Wu Jiahui, Kaira Gong, Jack & Rai, Jonathan Leong

I am honoured to be part of this list,
do swing by and support! :D

Date : 23 Aug 08, Saturday
Time : 10pm-1130pm
Venue: Newly opened Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Tix : Free admission la! :D

RSVP here on facebook!

Rehearsals everyday for the rest of the week........


Van said...

You just got yourself a new fan! Keep up the great work! Let everyone know, especially me, when you are in the states! Have fun on sunday! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm excited too! Going with a friend on this Sun's event. Looking fwd..Cya!

Anonymous said...

caught your soundcheck this afternoon! didn't even know u were performing there but i heard ru guo from afar and i got so excited. couldn't really recognize you though. anyway well done!

Anonymous said...

heyy kewei!
nice music just now @ esplanade!
ur voice really rocks the whole audiences!~ power la! =D
jiayou jiayou for 2mr at esplanade again! :)

take care!

Evonne said...

hey :)

sent u the videos link n the pics :)
go n check yeah :D

justin said...

good performance at Phil Winds concert just now! you were really hot and pretty on stage ^^;
wanted to get a photo with you but you left your seat before the lights came on!

Anonymous said...

heyy kewei!~
nice performances last night at esplanade concert hall and nice band playing xinyao tunes!~ woohoo!~
three videos of u playing erhu, yue liang dai biao shui de xin and ru guo on saturday at esplanade waterfront were uploaded at my acc at youtube.
do feel free to see :)

take care yah!~
dun tired urself. .
u seemed abit tired last night after the whole thing ended. . .

Yu Ting said...

I heard your last night at Esplanade. It was a wonderful experience. listening to your blog songs now. love them too!
hope to see you in more performances locally!

K said...

thanks van! i would be heading to las vegas for xmas end of this year!

to juz, woo! you recognise ru guo! that's a good sign for me heheh

thanks to xt and evonne for vids and pics

thanks justin and slacker..! :)


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