Monday, August 11, 2008

30 under 30

Straits Times Life! revamped their broadsheet format
on the once-in-many-lifetimes 080808
and I am terribly honoured to be on the papers on this special day! :D

...Life! offers its pick of the brightest young Singapore talent making their mark in the worlds of art, design, entertainment, food and fashion...


Naturally I was picked for my exquisite culinary skills.....

My very patriotic/National Day pose
ie. I REALLY REALLY MEAN IT when I say that my long-term goal/dream is to sing the National Day theme song one day...

Thanks to Jasmine from ST for the interview!

Of course, darling Derrick is in the list as well!
That makes 2 of us from ZPGY out of the 30! :D
Cause for celebration!!!


Just got Derrick's CD,
love the song he wrote called 咬字...
go get the CD if you haven't! :D


Anonymous said...

JIAYOU ya~~~
ZGPY.. JIAYOU also^^

from: JieMiN

Anonymous said...

Kewei :)

jiayou jiayou!~
you can do it de.
take care yah =)

Anonymous said...

hmm does being a wedding singer makes you want to get married after soaking in the celebration bliss many many times over???

Evonne said...

hey babe~

hope you like the celebration juz now yeah :)

hahahahaha..hav a wonderful birthday celebration with ur loved ones yeah :) and jiayous in ur album! Looking forward~

Anonymous said...

130808 @ lunar


可为 - 我是双子座

K said...

thanks guys!

to anon, mmmmmm it doesn't make me wanna get married soon, but definitely gives me lots of ideas about how i want my own wedding to be like :p

thanks xt, evonne, minghui and all those who were present at wala wala last week to celebrate my birthday! :D


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