Thursday, April 2, 2009

阿妹 台北Encore演唱会 圆满结束

太多感触了... 好舍不得...

最近超忙, 多两天有很重要的演出: 将会和新加坡华乐团一起表演!!!

I'll be singing and playing the erhu...
Singapore Chinese Orchestra has even arranged my own song (to be included in upcoming EP) .....FULL ORCHESTRA STYLE!!!

It's a free concert at Woodlands, this Saturday 6-7pm
For more details on the show please RSVP on Facebook here!

先上传一些照片吧 ^_^



dancer John 过生日!

最后机会和小白合照... 听说价值S$20000!!!!






演唱会结束~~~ 无敌HIGH!

再update! *_*


Michelle@HK said...

so happy to see ur blog got updated again! (yesss Im ur loyal blogger if u also reckon!hehe)

it sound exciting u will take part of Singapore Chinese Orchestra concert! I can imagine how special when you sing ur song in the orchestra style! happy for you!

By the way, I am also a bit 感触. I just bought David Tao's Concert tour DVD which have watched alot of ur performance there! Actually I have started to check out ur blog since I saw DT's concert last March. oh it has been a year.I can feel how you work hard for ur music career. u do motivate and inspire me! I feel like supporting you as a fd (although u dun know me!) but I truly believe ur work hard will be paid off so soon!

Really cant wait for ur own EP! :)

诺尼 said...

有在持续上课吗? 想建议你以考级为提升目标,相信会对你艺能生涯有所启示和帮助。祝你演出成功。

aMe said...

oh wow..a*mei concert has ended..after about 2 years, she's the best man!!! anyways u have any idea when her concert dvd will be out?

Anonymous said...

hello kewei! i was at the jj concert and wondering if you would be doing the backup but didn't see you there... how about sharing a post with us about how your journey as a backup singer started? btw, "xiao bai" looks gorgeous ^.^

Jenny said...

I attended both concerts over the weekend!
When A-mei took the final walk into the "lion capsule", I felt a sense of sadness and loss over the end of the amazing STAR tour.
Thank you A-mei and all involved. It had been an exilirating experience of a lifetime!

P.S. What's the most memorable aspect of being part of this tour for you?

jojooo said...

好想聽你唱蔡依林 新歌 妥協 一定很好聽

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