Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unkind, an original.

Love is gentle, love is kind.
But sometimes it tears open your skin,
breaks your ribcage and grips you right where it matters the most.

Sometimes, you fall in love so hard, it hurts.

Music and Lyrics by Tay Kewei

There's something about your love
That makes you so unkind
Cuz you make me feel so empty
When you leave me

I don't ever want to say goodbye
Please stay a while with me
And then a little more

When the mood is right
We dim the lights at night
And things will happen
underneath the sheets that feel so right

When we start a fight
Darling I don't know why
I'll cry and I just want to be on your side

There's something about your love
That makes you so unkind
When I lose myself completely
Just like the movies

When you come and sweep me off my feet
Please be gentle with me
Don't be unkind to me


Ronald. said...

Nice and interesting lyrics! Really can't wait for your new album! :D all the best! :D

a_ndy said...

this is different from the others that you wrote.

saw your call for song requests and i would like to request for 这就是爱吗?by 容祖儿

nony said...

Oops I did it again... jkjk.


对 于 你的 丝丝 关怀
我 总 无 声 暗 慨
恋 你 让我 变 得 空白
吻 别 不 再

永 远 不想 和你 说goodbye
且 与 我 在 一块
再 多 给 一点 爱

有 时候 澎 湃
在 灯 暗 九 宵 外
也 许 会 随 着
被 单下 的柔 情 而 释 怀

有 时候 无 奈
亲 爱 的 我 不 该
眼 泪 淌 着 只 想 和 你 相依 赖

对 于 你的 丝丝 关怀
我 总 无 声 暗 慨
恋 你 让我 迷 失 情海
就 像 电 影里

当 你 生生 虏走 我的心
请 以 温 柔 对待
别 让 它 再 暗慨

why so forlorn...

Jamie* 洁敏 said...

o.O unkind = 暗慨? a bit weird ^^"

nony said...

Just so that you would remember. =D
Weird stuffs enhances cognition.
Kiwi will say "it's awesome", just wait and see!

a_ndy said...

waiting to see.... hahaha.. i do think it is better than the last one...

nony said...

@a_ndy: You would have to nudge her for it! Well, I think it reads better per se with a slightly different methodology applied. But when it comes to singing, I think the tune and concept of PML supersede many things - including contrived lyrics translation. I had even imagined a mixed language version of it with Chinese rap. 盧廣仲 pops into my mind for that. =D

www.taykewei.com said...

hey nony! thanks again for this! im impressed :)
you know what, i like the title. :)
you never fail to amaze me.

nony said...

Yay! We can look forward to the next installment then? In case nony MIA in China, there's still a_ndy to carry the flame. ;)


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