Friday, February 22, 2008

幸福的風 - 楊宗緯

Finally, a new addition to Kewei Radio!

楊宗緯's latest album hits the shelves,
his 3rd plug 幸福的風 is written by 谢布玮 :)
(who also wrote 该忘了你对不对 by 周惠.)

The original demo (now the 1st track on Kewei Radio)
ie 1st version of the song was sung by yours truly,
and it's called 我们的寂寞...


跟随你的快乐 我也心动
如果你难过 我也会心痛

你不应该闪躲 你有了新生活

当~ 爱情走到尽头
你说你不能够 照顾我的每个感动
你怎么不说 你想出去走走

当~ 爱情已经放手
你就不该停留 分享我的喜悦哀愁
怎么你重复犯错 留下不走

楊宗緯's version here:


Vanesa said...

You sing this song really good! I adore it ! ^^ nice job !

Unknown said...

good job kewei! i've gotta say i enjoy your demos alot more than the originals so far.

i love the rawness instead of the commercialism!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the original lyrics ... sadder and more feel. suits the tune and his voice more. pity the original lyrics not chosen

Anonymous said...

Must they actually change the whole song lyrics?? i understand even changing a few words of the lyrics would means changing the Zuo ci ren to the person who had changed it.. isnt it abit unfair for the ori writer? yea =|

Anonymous said... it possible to get the demo version from you? i love it!

Sean Ho said...

Hmm....I listened to both versions and I feel that your demo version is slightly better than Aska Yang's version because it's more emotive whilst Aska's was not very convincing and I could not connect to the patchy emotions in his version (I could not tell if he was enjoying his relationship or regretting it and it remained sketchy which I don't like).

However, your original demo's 如果你不会再编织借口 你怎么不说 你想出去走走 and 怎么你重复犯错 留下不走 要我面对我们的寂寞 is abit hard to grasp and hence becomes misty compared to the rest of the lyrics. But all in all, I think your demo's lyrics is more meaningful.

Jia you! Give us more of your demos! Heehee...

Anonymous said...

hello!! this song u sang was not too bad. i heard yang zhong wei's version. i think your's nicer. but they changed the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

your version really moves me!
kinda prefer it to the original coz the lyrics really personal n real.

jiayou jiayou jiayou! =)

Andy said...

You sang well! With the emotions and everything, it just shows that demo is way above standard. Way to go! Is it possible to send the demo to me? Thanks a lot~!!

K said...

thanks everyone for your kind comments!

in fact, the original lyrics are a true story between common friends of buwei and myself :)

thanks sean for your analysis :) you mentioned that some lines were rather ambiguous in their meaning.. hmm to me it makes perfect sense because i understand the real situation haha.
maybe you can think of it this way - the girl is no longer in love, but still undecided in breaking the relationship... leaving the guy helplessly caught in a relationship that is no longer...

let me ask the songwriter Buwei if i can send you guys his song :)

Anonymous said...

This song sucks,

Why? a divorced ass hole who is 5 years older than me kept using this songs lyrics to pry my gf away from me and got her to engage with him.

Man i was temporary overseas when this shit happend. what can u do,

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

i love your version of the song!
would you mind sending me an mp3 version? i'd love to have it on my ipod :P

Anonymous said...

hi can i have this demo on mp3 format? i like this song very much

Anonymous said...

You are so impressive.I think you are as good as original version.
It almost be your song.

FitNess_for_every1 said...

you sing really good! i like your vocal, and i also like you sing the songs from fang da tong. i love you so much! can you send is song to me?? i hope i can be your friend, so we can talk more about music!

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice and still nice... really enjoy you demos... keep up the good job!!!

Jaschocolate said...

Your demo is great. I guess the reason the lyrics were not used due to the need of different types of songs on his album.. since most are already very sad songs.. so they decided to change into a happy one instead..

But i still love yours more.. hopefully someone will come out with the cd showcasing demos again.. so i can buy it.. ^_^

Keep up the great work.. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

hey!!is it possible to get the mp3 version of this demo from you pls?it sounds really good!

blackie said...

hey there i love your rendition of this song! is it possible for you to send me the demo?? (:

Anonymous said...

I really want to have this song in my mp3 player please please. May I have it?


Piano said...

I'm searching for 杨宗纬 - 幸福的风 piano notes .
I really want to learn how to play this song.
This song mean a lot to me.
Do u have this song's notes?
Can u pls send it to me ...

Please.... Thank you so much...


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