Tuesday, October 21, 2008

021008 Amei Concert in Chengdu


it has been more than 10 months since the last Amei show!
I didn't know how much I missed her voice till I heard her sing live again :)
The only word to describe the feeling is a very warm, sighing :
... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
as i sink into my seat and enjoy.

It was National Day/weekend for the PRC,
so everyone was out on a holiday mood.

stadium we performed at

our burger takeaways come equipped with disposable plastic gloves.
it was very classy.

the milk scare in China is rife amongst us -
and of course our milk tea had to come in a ridiculous strawberry flavour
in a carcogenic-nippon-coloring-infused paper cup of goodness.

and tomato sauce in neon.


Chengdu is pretty famous for good food, the birthplace of Szechuan cuisine.
This chicken has typical 花椒 spice that is numbing, but tasty!!!

we move on and do our job.




tattered reference picture taken for the stylists during our first fitting of our costumes.
is it the hair? is it the age?
i look unbelievably dolly.

i am so so sooo glad i invested in my wide angle Canon.







after show...
this is the price of entertainment that i have to pay.
the sequins on my dress are merciless.

the entire troupe leaves on different flights - but all toward Singapore -
the show in my hometown is the very next day!
we shared the same flight as Amei - spot her!


Nic said...

Morning Kewei,Chengdu food really hot, you like it? Ha~as my first time take it, wanna cry even I am Chinese, but now, completely change, I'm lovin't~

PS, I saw you on Music man Shanghai concert, but due to you were talking with some guys, so.... anyhow, that concert really amazing and awesome~

Take care and may see you later at other Music man tour (-;

x[t] said...

hello :)
you no have sing 2dae @ wala? :(
anyway, cya soon maybe on nov1 =)
take care yah!~ all e best for weekend concert and jiayou!~ enjoy!

CK said...

Thanks for the photos.
I'm off to HK next to catch A-Mei's concert again! It's on 19-20 Dec right? Hah.. never seem to get enough of this diva :)

I especially like your last photo. Is that A-Mei with the red sling bag and you with the brown bag?

sunset2712 said...

Hi Kewei, is it okay if i link you to my blog? Interesting one you have here.. ^^

Anonymous said...

hi ke wei! came across ur blog and the song u sang, xing fu de feng is super nice and touching! jia you and all the best in ur career!

kewei said...

hey nic, i love chengdu food! :D

yeah the Shanghai concert was fun! i love performing at the stadium, it was my 2nd time there :)

hey CK, amei's concert might be postponed to 20-21dec. yes that's amei with the red bag, erm but im the one taking the photo hehe

hey sunset, sure :)

Jin said...

Hi Kewei

AMEI's encore concert in Sg was simply brilliant!! Hope u can blog more about it later. It's interesting to see what you see from your strategic position :)

I'm sure you often get asked about what the celebrities (DT, LH, AM)you work with are like. Surely, being human and professional, they can be a pain in the ass at times? Can spill some beans or not? :p

Have fun for the rest of the concert tour!

Jo said...

A-mei looks tall in that photo. She actually isn't, is she?

CK said...

Hello again :)

Thanks for the info on the HK concert dates. It's already Nov but still no official annnouncement or publicity on the concert yet.

I read the last A-mei concert in Tianjin was an almost freezing affair! Is there one planned for Beijing next year?

dramaqueen said...

how i wish i could see amei in person ....

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Blog bout the Singapore show please! it was totally rockin'.
wonder when's the next time amei will be back in town ...

viagra online said...

It's Already November annnouncement But still no official publicity or on the concert yet. Thanks for the info on the HK concert dates. Great photos.


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