Saturday, July 25, 2009

Plastic Mannequin Love (original song!)

I have been sufficiently traumatised
by the realisation of how ALL the plastic we've ever used in our lifetime,
are still on planet earth - either in landfills or floating around in the ocean.

Read more of my rants on this!

Do you remember this picture I posted?

A plastic mannequin head, bruised and battered, eyes wide open, waiting.... waiting... waiting...
She's waiting for something.
We all know the wait is forever.
Plastic is forever.

And so I wrote a song for her.

This is the first time I'm uploading an original song, played in the bedroom :)

You can download the mp3 of this Youtube version :)

Plastic Mannequin Love
Music and Lyrics by Tay Kewei

Im writing a song for the universe
Im sending it out to space
If there was a boy who could hear my thoughts
Across the street in the window display

Im writing a song for the universe
To rescue me someday
I never had the chance to tell my love
I loved him since that suit in grey

Im sailing, sailing
In this great pacific garbage patch
My love for you is forever
Nothing will break me down
Im sailing, sailing
You are nowhere to be found
I believe one day youll join me
And well sail round and round, round and round

Oh is that you I see
Illusions they keep haunting me
O! tragedy


a_ndy said...

do you need chinese lyrics for that?

K said...

hi andy! haha you can try!

Kenny said...


junmin said...

v nice.. =)

Michelle@HK said...

OMG!!!! soooo niceeeeeee!!! nice melody!!! Ur writing(song) skill is getting better and better!:)

Will you include this song in your own EP?

jolyn giselle khew said...


nao said...

Neat song =) keep it up kewei

Daisy said...

still as captivating as before =) breath-taking and inspiring song!

nony said...

Nice! I could offer a simple line-by-line translation/substitution for your reference. No rights reserved. =)


(我)要写 一 首歌 献 给这 宇 宙
我(要) 将 它发 送 太 空
若有 个 男孩 它能 听 得 见
就在 对街 的 橱窗 柜 里 边

(我)要写 一 首歌 献 给这 宇 宙
幸 免 那某 一 天
我不 曾有 机会 能告 诉 它
我爱 它自 从那 身 灰

我在 漂 流 漂 流
在 这大 太平 洋 垃 圾 堆
给你 的爱 会 是永远
海枯 石烂 都 不 变
我在 漂 流 漂 流
你 的踪 影无 处 寻
我 相信 最终 会 和 你
在 这 里 绕呀 绕, 绕呀 绕

哦 是 否 看见 你
幻 想它 总 是 纠 缠 我
喔! 是悲剧

p/s Can there be a better pun to my bonnie lying over the ocean?

a_ndy said...

Pardon my frankness but i think the word for word substitution you did for some of the parts make the whole thing hard to comprehen. I wrote a draft of the chinese lyrics but i am not totally pleased with it yet and unlike the original, it does not speak against plastic.
If you noticed, kewei made references to the great pacific garbage patch, it sailing round and round and "nothing will break me down"

anneanne said...

it sounds great babe. :)

nony said...

@a_ndy: No offence taken. So why not write something regarding plastic?

a_ndy said...

coz i just can't fit it in when i started. hahaha.. will give it a try again when i am free.






nony said...

Although a bit generic, I figured that it's sing-able nevertheless. Didn't replay the vid to recollect the tune, so I would say kiwitay wrote a sticky. ;) said...

thanks for the chinese lyrics andy and nony! it is AWESOME.

nony said...

Just to leave behind a thought on plastics for you guys and myself. I believe this is the future path for Singapore to take - promoting the production and use of bio-degradable plastics (carrier bags in particular). More details in the following link.

This coupled with the building of compost reactors and carbon dioxide sequestration process-flow
can be an integrated solution for our refuse disposal problem.

As for how Plastic Mannequin Love can play a part... sing it to government officials and angel investors whenever chance presents itself :D

Anonymous said...
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SM22 said...

is this song about green earth???

K said...

yes sm22!

SMardhi said...

at first, i listen this song on radio, i start googling n find that u're d writer n singer. pretty nice song...although ur song very rare in Indonesia(i'm Indonesian) i'm still gonna share ur song to all my friends here..
think u miss ur verse2 lyric!?

Kewei said...

dear SMardhi,
thank you for your comment! :)

yes the 2nd verse was added only into the final album version!

here it is:

I'm writing a song for our planet earth
Where green and blue collide
But the jungles are concrete and the sea's disguised
By all the stuff that got us by

I'm writing a song for our planet earth
To keep in sight and keep in mind
The trash that you owned that you just threw out
Are still here singing out loud

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