Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my 2010

2010 was a year of action for me.
After years of touring as backup vocalist, I finally released something to call my own.

The 1st half of 2010,

I launched KEEP! with Einein,
an independently produced/marketed/sold EP (1000 copies) that was only available through mail-order (which we handled ourselves entirely),
created our own website in a few days,
and held a mini-tour in Hong Kong (Backstage), KL (No Black Tie), Taipei (Riverside Cafe), Kending (Spring Scream Festival) and Singapore (K-Union).

We met our idol Khalil Fong (who came to our show in Hong Kong!!!) and were invited to PK for SuperIdol in Taiwan...

We filmed our MV in Bangkok, with the help of Cheong from Playhouse Pictures, who volunteered his services, inspired by our passion and fired up to work with people who were like himself.

We sold out all our copies, with about 20 copies left at Crazy World Cafe.
We've moved to digital mp3 sales at CDBaby and iTunes.

We were just 2 girls who decided to do something for ourselves, supported by our fans and Youtube viewers, who were generous in dispensing super supportive comments, who were genuinely inspired by our passion for sharing our music, for keeping up with our videos and updates.

When we decided to launch an EP, we had to muster all the resources we had,
to design and print the EPs,
to arrange and record the tracks,
to deliver the product through mass media (radio, magazines, press)

We have to thank everyone who helped us along the way, who believed in us,
who joined the ride for an amazing chapter that KEEP! had achieved.

it was so much fun, i really want to do it all over again.

The 2nd half of 2010,
i took my recording career one step further,
by releasing a full-length album, distributed regionally.

my album preview concert was my first ticketed show,
and it was held at the Esplanade Recital Studio,
sold-out to loyal fans who have followed my career thus far

the album was launched with much support from the superstars i've worked with,

i sang a duet with Christian Bautista

received Best Local New Artiste - Media's Choice by Singapore Hit Awards

promoted the album everywhere I could

collaborated with the Philharmonic Winds

and again with Playhouse Pictures and Cheong for my first solo MV "可不可以 (This Too Shall Pass)"

I have to thank all of you reading this,
for being kind towards me and my big dreams,
and for all your Youtube views, Facebook likes & comments, spreading the word about my music, for every single little thing you have done which ennobled my 2010.

This year,
my resolution is to Action on all my words.


Unknown said...

love your work kewei.

good luck for 2011!

-a fan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kewei,

It's not easy for anyone to have come this far so aferall, the person you've to thank most is, "Tay Kewei", Yourself.

But of course, I'll/we'll continue giving you my/our support along the journey...

I remembered I once said you should have your own song album. And it's really amazing how fast this came true!(:

2010 must've been a fulfilling year for u. And, I believe 2011 will thus be carried on by more colors!

I'll be looking forward for your next album cos' I really think your voice can 'takeaway' my troubles for the moment...(:

I'm sure 2011 will be a better year for you and I...(我坚持着希望。:P)

Happy New Year!

With loves,

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...


It was an honor to support you (and Ein Ein) in your successes in 2010. Hoping for even brighter and better things for you in 2011! All my support, and...

Warmest Regards,


Hengsome said...


QQ Lai said...

加油!! All the best in 2011!

Just got 2 know abt yr songs today...



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