Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Launch

So I was really nervous before the launch.
I was having panic attacks, emotional meltdowns,
I didn't know I was stressed until I realised how irritable I had become.

I realised this happened before I launched my debut album as well,
the void between the production and the launch was when
i had listened to my own album so much in my car that it had grown old on me,
i couldn't judge anymore if anyone who heard it for the first time would like it.

I imagined no one would be interested in my album.
Every time my manager updated me on the Whos and the HowManys were coming to the launch,
I would think, wow, this is all going on out there...
okok there is some hope.

I also knew that I would be ok once I hit the stage
and did my thing.

I just didn't know what to expect.


It was way better than I expected.

It was a shot of confidence straight to the heart.

I was so happy to see so many people, and the night breezed through.
My team at S2S had everything covered, the team from Timbre held the ground,
and it was a great party.

Lilin would know, she took care of me the whole time. I was in a whorl of my own.
We're seen here keeping the door open so we can hear when to make our Grand Entrance.

My makeup talent guru Jyue Huey from The Makeup Room who is always reassuring.
We were in a dingy stairwell just before the show.

I have my band to thank -
Lee Ein Ein on keyboard
Fatt Kew on guitar
Peter Huang on beatbox/sound efx
Jeremy Yeo on drums

Facing time constraint we managed to nail down what we wanted for the songs,
I love the arrangement and setup so much I want to do a mini-tour with this band!!!
I wish more people can hear this setup live!!

I played the erhu on Ikanaide, which was the most emotionally gruelling song in the album. While recording, I practically had to contort my body and face to squeeze out the suffering.

I also dueted with Einein, as a tribute to our KEEP! days!
Of course! We had to record Khalil Fong's Singalongsong for that most special episode in our lives.

I really feel that with the amazing turnout,
the battle had been half won from the start.

Thank you everyone who came by!
That night I couldn't sleep (ok also i was packing last minute for Java Jazz Festival),
and all I could see were happy faces.

I would see everyone patiently waiting, listening, smiling, eyes twinkling.
I felt very grateful.

This picture by Nicholas Tan perfectly captures this,
with my hand on my heart,
saying Thank You for coming.
and sharing the night with me.

with love and gratitude

PS. You can buy the album HERE to be delivered to your doorstep
or at any of the remaining CD stores in Singapore.

PPS. More launch pictures here on Facebook.

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Alycia said...

Aww you're MIA again! :( Must be busy with ur comin' full mandarin album? :) Anywayz, take care and please come back here soon! I'm waitin' for new youtube covers too! ;D


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