Monday, March 12, 2012

the birth of Fallin'

Music: Tay Kewei and Tat Tong
Lyrics: Tay Kewei
I don’t know how
I don’t know why
You got me all smothered in a lovelorn high
Cuz I’m fallin fallin for you

You can’t see now
My love burns wild
The alcohol and the tears
they can’t put out
Cuz I’m fallin fallin fast for you

Ever since the day you
caught my eye
You swept me off my feet
I can’t deny
Don’t you know
you gave me butterflies

Every single day I fantasize
I say I love you and
you say likewise
Baby don’t you think
we’re worth a try

Don’t you know you leave me high and dry
Everytime you smile and
say goodbye
The feelings left unsaid
just multiply

Every single day I fall and rise
Love and hate that
you came into my life
Baby can’t you save me
just tonight

I love this song -
it's expressive, it's dramatic,
it oozes jazz, it ends with a big bang!

This song was first born from a lalala demo with "I Will Always Be Your Boo" as the placeholder lyrics! :p

With the full-on arrangement,
the lyrics needed to be more emotional, more angsty,
and full on about unrequited love!

So i wrote about the agony of Fallin' in love,
having a crush on someone you can't tell or can't reach,
about love burning wild and out of control.

I've also been singing pop-jazz ever since my regular gigging days,
so this was really my comfort zone :)

PS. As you can see I am trying to resume blogging at length, more than 140 characters or captioned Facebook pictures!

I miss writing with insight, I will keep at it and hope you come back soon!
ask me anything here!

More on the entire album concept in a bit :)



Anonymous said...

"Fallin'" is beautiful! But my personal favourite would be "Lay Down".

I don't know how, I don't know why your songs make me feel like they're so alive(IF u get wad i mean).

P.S: I miss reading your blog daily too! I've been comin' here but to my disappointment.

Will be waiting for ur next entry as well as ur comin' album! :D

With loves,
Alycia (:

Huay said...

:DD I like it!
Your voice is gorgeous! And such technique xD

I haven't followed you before, but I hope I will stay updated now :D Since I'm just starting to blog a lot too =D

Ngai Meng said...

Hi kewei, frm ur experience so far, do u normally compose first then pen ur lyrics (先作曲后填词), or u pen ur lyrics then try to make them into a song (先作词后填曲)?

Or it really depends on ur mood? haha=D

Kendrick Ang said...

Fallin is a catchy song ^^ make you wanna smile :)

"I don’t know how
I don’t know why
You got me all hooked-up with this song in mind" XD

Lay Down very emotional song... T_T

K said...

Aww Alycia, thanks for not giving up on this blog!!! i'm back!

Dear Huay, that's good! Jiayou!

Ngai Meng, it really happens both ways! :p although i prefer writing the story first.

Kendrick, it's such a sunny happy song isn't it! :D

Kendrick Ang said...

Yup! Yup! ^_^


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