Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Album Notes

First peek at the mastered final from Bernie Grundman Mastering.

If you haven't gotten the album,
you can do so HERE!

A lot of  people ask,
Why mainly covers? Why not originals? (Where is your originality!! Why are you selling out!! Do you consider yourself a real artiste??)

I say, chill... =P
With this album we are trying out the Japanese market, where there is a demand for such a genre.
Also, we are working on promotion in Japan come June,
so I'm super excited about that!
It is a dream for me to travel with my music, and let it bring me to places I've never been.

Having said that, there are no Mandarin songs in this album also because it doesn't quite fit for Japan.

The good news is, the next album will be a full Mandarin original one,
so I'm looking forward to it as much as you are!!!! ^_____^

For this album,
I've included personalised notes for each track :) 

This was Tat Tong and I laying down vocals for the title track Fallin.

Fallin -

It was too much fun recording this song with Tat Tong, especially with his brilliant arrangement, which is dangerously addictive!! XOXO

More on the song Fallin blogged here

We next worked on Lay Down.

Lay Down -

When writing this song, I saw myself playing the piano in a quiet and dim hall, singing with a fragile longing heart. If you listen carefully, it echoes.. Lay down your pain in this song...

Lay Down was borne from my scribblings on a notepad tucked in my passport holder.

I was leaving for Taipei last January (Jan 21 7+am to be exact, as indicated)
and I was in a wonderfully bad mood,
so I milked it for all its worth and tried to squeeze my emotions dry.

I underlined The Curse of A Songwriter
which was to magnify, expand and pick on the wound...

Later I structured these scribblings and fit them into a tune :)

I recorded the rest of the tracks with Timothy Ngoh from Invisible Men Productions.

Ikanaide -

Every album seems to be complete only when topped off with a Koji Tamaki ballad, which took one extreme end of the emotional spectrum. This was the most difficult and heart-wrenching song to record in the album, I hope it sings to your heart.

Rolling In The Deep -

It was exciting to be more experimental in song choice for this album, especially with this one!

Let's Wait Awhile -
This is one of my favourite tracks on the album, I hope my interpretation will be as classic as the original!

I'll Stand By You -

Many thanks to Bang Wenfu for his string arrangement, which is delicate yet soaring. I'd like to dedicate this to all my loyal fans who have supported me through all my ups and downs.

Singalongsong (Feat Einein)

Khalil Fong's music is definitely one of my influences, and to record this with Einein means so much to me! Einein and I have come a long way since covering Khalil's songs on Youtube, releasing a DIY independent EP in 2009 and organising a mini Asiatour in Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. She's one of my best friends, for life and for music :)

Our 1000 copies of KEEP! are sold out, but you can still grab the digital tracks off cdbaby or iTunes :)
Check www.keweieinein.com for more :)

PDA We Just Don't Care -

I love everything about this song. I've been singing it since 2008. If you search deep enough on Youtube you'll find a badly recorded homemade version that made everyone think I had a lisp LOL.
 Well, you don't have to search no further -

American Boy - 

One of my favourite guitarists, Clarence Yeo, is a great friend and music partner since the beginning! Happy to work with Clarence on this song, featuring his signature groove!
I'd like to update that I have been practising Clarence's riffs and hoping to play this myself soon! =X

Perfect -
A bass and chorus only arrangement was something I really wanted to explore for this album, and I'm glad we found the right song for it! Many thanks to Seng for the chorus arrangement and for Christy Smith's funky playing!
Here's Tim and his adorable boy!
 Golden Age -

Really enjoyed recording this quirky number, and Tim seems to like this off-kilter accent much!

Baby I Love You -
What a feat! Check out my rappin', yo! This track is so groovy, it was born to be put on repeat, IMHO. Many thanks to Tim and Seng for putting extra effort into producing this song :)

You can grab a copy of the album HERE and get it mailed to your doorstep :)

Go ahead, click click! ^___^


PS. MUCH LOVE TO THE S2S TEAM for their amazing work!!!

Pictured here are part of the team - 
Kristen, Matt, Adriana, Lilin, Dean!!!! <3 <3 <3


Gregg said...

I love that photo of you and Ein Ein. There is no faking the kind of friendship displayed in it.

Alycia said...

Ya know what? You've thanked so many people but you're stl missing out this very important one.

Please give yourself a BIG THANK YOU on the next post!

Cos' without your enthusiasm anad perseverance into pursuing all these wonderful things, even with the much 'support', you won't be here today. SO U OUGHTA THANK YOURSELF ultimately!!!

P.S: I'm laying down my "ears" to ur upcomin' album.

Take care! :)


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