Monday, May 13, 2013

starting now...

Start-Up! 创 was recently on Channel U,
starring Rebecca Lim, Tay Ping Hui, Kate Pang and Zhang Zhen Huan...

I was fortunate to meet the very passionate and dedicated director Phillip Lim who roped me into this project.

Drama theme songs are usually churned out in a very efficient manner,
but for this one, it was really the brainchild of Phillip and his trusted music partner Jonichiro Takahashi, and me! :)

Phillip related this story of entrepreneurship and suspense to me while the drama was still in its editing process, and showed me the trailer way before it was properly done.

We also had several sessions of brainstorming for the musical style and direction before we confirmed the melody, and the arrangement was also tweaked several times!

I was tasked with the lyrics, and we also wanted to include some English words in it for the urban touch.

This story was about challenges in entrepreneurship, and had to be inspirational, so we eventually decided on a cinematic soundscape that sounded waaay bigger than for TV :)

Starting Now
U 频道 《创!》 主题曲 (Channel U's Start Up Theme Song)
Music: Jonichiro Takahashi
Lyrics: Tay Kewei

同样的悔过    同样的脆弱    共同的脉搏
不要再等候    不要再懦弱    命运自己掌握

多少眼泪    多少痛       
多少梦    被遗忘在其中
只要努力    就值得拥有

开创新的以后        下定决心    就绝不退缩
勇闯未来的梦        相信自己    就放手一搏
Starting now    热血    带领我    冒险

同样的借口    同样的节奏    时间不停留
现在是时候    现在就行动     不向现实低头

Repeat Prechorus, Chorus
下一刻    会走到    终点

Repeat Chorus

You can buy the single on iTunes here :)

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