Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little Twin Stars Cafe at Shibuya Parco, Tokyo!

I'm not obsessed with all things pink and furry, 
but I do admit that they do elicit squeals from me from time to time!!!

The star burger!!!!!
Everything was pink and blue and pastel and starry!!!

I was there with a bunch of boys so it was rather awkward... 
no one to share my silly squealing with!
But I did made them each get a drink so I could take pictures....... -_-

 All You Need Is Love and Coffee...
This is the Cinnamon Chai Latte something... 
Seriously who cares..

The Lala Latte!!! AHHHHH

This grin!!!
Unbelievably cute this swan waffle thing!

And irresistable star waffle...
That honestly tasted pretty crap! :p

The star burger was sold out! Otherwise...

The placemats! The coasters!!!

Roll cake for takeway...
this costs about SGD$24!

Pretty flowers and baby's breath!

I swear the colours were a coincidence... :p

The merchandise were so-so though, 
I think most of them are sold out!
I grabbed a few for my friends :)

And a towel! I've resorted to buying towels so they are at least functional... :p
This is Little Twin Stars x Kayo Horaguchi

They recently came up with Care Bears X Twin Stars,
just to drive the kawaii level off the cliff...
Not much merchandise there as well,
but let me just share these unbelieveable cuteness.

I went on a Sunday night at about 930pm (their last order is 10pm)
there was absolutely no queue at all.
I've read so much about queueing for 3 hours or so...

And because this is a popup store, it might close end May,
so go while you still can!!!

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