Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunrise Beach at Ko Lipe, Thailand

So EinEin mentioned there was a Mon-Wed 3d2n yoga retreat at an island...
and we said yes immediately not knowing
where we were going, where we were staying and what it entailed!

Anything with wellness, sand, sea and sun was a YES in my books.

(Conveniently forgetting that I had to shoot my album cover very soon....
 and I had spent a long time trying to remain as fair as possible..
or rather not to tan any further...)

Beautiful aquamarine waters...
I realise the colour aquamarine is named as it is... 
because of duh.. the ocean...

Turns out we were crossing international borders on water,
flying to Langkawi first
and then travelling by a 1 hour ferry to Ko Lipe, Thailand.

Interesting to have the immigration checkpoint right on the beach,
where we huddled in the heat to get our passports back!

Ko Lipe is a developing tourist attraction,
so the waters are beautiful,
and it is relatively rundown and rustic.

Our little tuktuk taxi ride was a roller coaster 
on unpaved roads, bumpy soil and sand,
but we loved it!

We were rather surprised at how simple our little bamboo huts were,
it was definitely back to basics for the 2 nights,
but it was refreshing and surreal.

 We were on the beachfront,
and would sleep hearing the waves,
and wake with the sunrise through our window
(if undisturbed by mosquitos!)


This is Lipe Beach Resort.

Along Sunrise Beach, where we were staying,
there are several other resorts and I think the most luxurious looking one is called Castaway Resort :)

Definitely stay at Sunrise Beach if you are going to Ko Lipe
as that was the highlight of my stay :)

Beachfront massage... this was a first for me!

Exploring our beach :)

Snorkeling and diving boat trip! 
We went to a deserted island perfect for photoshoots!
At Ko Adang...

 This tree trunk was SCREAMING for a VOGUE pose.

 Perks of travelling with a yoga instructor...
insane photos!

That's Wendy who taught us to let go and let our bodies do the work!

Wendy is from Yoga Seeds and she organises yoga retreats once in a while,
as well as monthly getaways to Bintan :) 

Double Downward Dog
with EinEin!

Our sunset yoga entourage!

At the end of the Ko Lipe walking street,
we dined at Lion Restaurant right by the beach,
which served excellent BBQ seafood!

Each morning I watch the sun rise from the ocean 
and in that moment the beach is cool, peaceful 
and the day ahead seems full of possibilities.
 It's something we probably only get to do on vacation, 
but it's enough to remind us of that the most beautiful things in life are not things,
 but an open heart and mind to what makes true beauty.

Off for yoga :)

 Sunrise Yoga, beautiful start to the day

Breakfast at the Castaway Resort...
Banana Pancakes....!!

Before the sun came up, the sky was cottton candy pink hues

I love the sampan boats, making for a perfect foreground for the ocean sunrise...

Low tide at Sunrise Beach, Ko Lipe, with the most spectacular daily free show.

  The Sunrise Warrior.... KAMEHAMEHA!!!

Today is gonna be okay :)

Short but definitely fulfilling trip! :)

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