Friday, November 4, 2016

What to eat in PERTH! (and what not to...)

1. Sayers Sister
Best Brunch ever.

I enjoyed this so much that my local friend said I should then try the main cafe
Sayers Food.

Warm rustic vibes here with vintage armchairs and ornate lights

I had the beetroot salmon gravlax with the famous scrambled eggs

and Alfred had the Potato Rosti which was super delish!

Hot Chocolate done right!
This came in a luscious creamy jug topped with coconut flakes,
and chunks of white and dark chocolate in shot glasses,
with 2 marshmellows.

2. Sayers Food
To the right of the main cafe lies a little back alley,
which you should go to! 

We had grilled fish with spiced broccoli
(starting to really like the spiced stuff)
And wild truffle mushroom.

Simple, effective, fresh, delicious. 

Look for the street art in Oxford Street!

3. San Churros Chocolateria
Just around the corner from Sayers Food
The churros are not worth it!!!

I'm not a chocolate person so I can't really appreciate this,
especially when it's in big portions.

Small pieces of artisan chocolate I can appreciate,
but even when quality comes with quantity it's too much for me!

Death By Chocolate.

Really good. 
More so than the San Churros Chocolate Cake,
if you had to go for only one :)

Just along the way..

4. Ciao Italia
Everyone says go there go there!
So i did for my first meal.
I googled and went to the one at Mill Point Road,
but a local friend later said I gotta go to the other one.

We were so excited to be there, 
having heard so much!
It's really buzzing with energy, 
and I was prepared to wait 1 hour, 
but really there was hardly a queue!
We were seated in 3 minutes.

We were recommended the Calzone enclosed pizza, 
which was yummy, but really not so fantastic.
But very photo-worthy la

We had the Seafood Marinara, 
which had really generous servings of amazing fish, 
and prawns squid mussels
but the sauce was really just pretty normal.

This is probably great for sharing,
but between 2 people I was so full
and the sheer quantity was really not so appetizing anymore.

So we skipped the tiramisu. 
(i mean, i already wasn't too impressed given the reviews)

After which everyone was saying 
noooo you have to have it
please tapao
actually i only go there for the tiramisu 
(me: what?? why never say earlier kill me now)
etc etc

and i was soooo tempted to go tapao!
but we never found time to go back haha

5. Chu Bakery
For croissants and doughnuts etc.
My verdict: DON'T.

We stopped by to buy breakfast for the road 
(enroute to skydiving!)
since it was near our place,
but it's really mediocre.

But if you're in the area,
there's Mary Street Bakery nearby,
which could be good?
we never tried it though, 
skip Chu Bakery for sure!

6. Corica Apple Strudel
Possibly good to bring home on your last day in Perth,
as they come only in this size!

Impossible for 2 to finish this.

Again I heard so much about this 
when I had it I was rather disappointed.

The cream is probably more fragrant, 
but otherwise I find Singapore's Ritz apple strudels super yummy already
so I didn't feel this was waay more amazing.

If it's out of the way, don't need to come by!

7. Little C's Pizzeria
Heard so much about this!
Bitterly disappointed.

Went to the one at Oxford Street,
later my local friend said we should have went to the Hillarys one,
but it's so far out!

We tried the Chicken Fettucine Pizza, which was pretty dry,
and Pork Belly which was really not good.

We didn't even want to try the dessert pizza anymore. 

I've heard we should have tried the Birds of Tokyo one though.

8. Chico Gelato
We tried Gusto Gelato as well, but it's pretty normal to me..
I think it really depends on which flavour you pick!

Lavendar Honey at this place was heavenly!

9. Kailis Bros Leederville

We had the Seafood Platter for 2
and it is really good!

The grilled octopus, super fresh scallops,
super yummy fish and chips



I'm pretty hardcore about wanting to know as much as I can about the place beforehand,
what's the most recommended food,
what not to miss out,
and I'm definitely not one of those who would just stroll into any place to eat.
No Time To Waste and No Calories To Sacrifice 
when travelling!!

Many times just around the corner might be 
the best hole in the wall restaurant 
and I don't wanna miss out!

So I found it interesting when I travel with friends with different travel styles, 
(some just ask the hotel reception to recommend something around the corner)
so I wanna share how I organise my itinerary.

1. I google for travel blogs, tripadvisor rankings, 
and check out instagram hashtags of #perth and #margaretriver 
and see what comes up most often/looks good! 

P/S: This is one other reason why I am choosing to blog about my honest opinion
about some of the food I've tried 
that are really not so fantastic =/

2. I star all these spots on my Google Map! 
It's great for one stop checking out of 
opening hours, reviews, 
and everytime I'm in a certain place and wanna decide where to eat
I can pick out the nearest place.

Happy travels! 


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