Monday, November 7, 2016

what to eat at Fremantle/Margaret River!

when at Fremantle...

1. Cicerellos Fish and Chips

Travelling as a couple means you can only try so much food,
especially when Aussie portions are generous.

When confronted with the eternal Cicerellos VS Kailis dilemma at Fremantle,
one can only rely on the trust you place in your good friends' taste buds.

The Traditional Fish and Chips 
was nice!
I definitely liked the texture of the fish.

I later found out from another friend who had some Premium fish or whatever,
that she asked what was the difference between Traditional and Premium
and found out that  mine was frozen fish and not fresh caught. 

Isn't Traditional meant to be the best since it started?
huh huh huh?

We had the crispy prawns bucket
which you should not have.
Save your calories for something else.

We never tried Kailis at Fremantle,
but went to Kailis Bros at Leederville in Perth,
See HERE for what to eat in Perth!
that was pretty good!!!

But first, Fremantle.

2. Little Creatures Brewing
So if you come to Fremantle you definitely need to come here
and it certainly lived up to expectations!

I'm not much of an alcohol person,
but I really enjoy sample platters!
ESPECIALLY if they are to be drunk in sequence.
Makes me feel that a lot of thought has been put into 
the planning of the palate
and if you drink out of sequence
everything is screwed and life is over.

12 kinds of pales and ciders...

The menu - love it.
So educational!
Training my taste buds to be more sensitive :)

My favourite was the Pale Ale and Bright Ale,
which I later saw were the only 2 they carried back at Changi Airport.
Guess I have mainstream taste!

Words like "light-bodied but full of hoppy greatness" 
I really tried to embody and understand with my tongue. 

"hints of melon to roasted coffe and chocolate notes" 
YUM i really could taste that

"strong backbone of toffee and choclate, all bound together by a reassuring bitterness."
feeling so reassured right now.

Did I mention this platter is FREE OF CHARGE.
ok but we still bought beers back ok!

Didn't get to try the food as we hopped over from Cicerellos'

I loved hanging out at the garden beneath the tree, 
in front of the ferris wheel,
so beautiful!

3. Bread In Common

We came back on Saturday morning to check out the Fremantle markets,
and headed here for brunch!

Photos don't do it justice.

We had French toast with wild berries, 
and Alfred had the salmon omelette.

I know we are supposed to have the bread, 
but I don't know why Alfred ordered something without bread haha
It was really good!

We added the mushroom on toast later 
cuz we were greedy
and I'm such a fan of mushroom. 

Looking around I realise 
everyone just ordered plain bread with butter and dips
so please do so next time unlike us!!!

I actually cut and pasted this from a website
but I forgot about it.

"A visit to Fremantle is no longer complete without a stop over at Bread In Common on Packenham Street 
to pick up some of their woodfired, organic bread. 
These lovely loaves are cooked in ovens named Hansel and Gretel, 
built from volcanic rock and designed to gently disperse heat. 
The best way to enjoy carbs from Bread In Common is with their house churned butter."

We didn't have any food at Fremantle Market cuz we were too full oops


when at Margaret River...

4. Miami Bakehouse
There are a couple around so just go to whichever is convenient
I stopped by the Melville one enroute to Margaret River 
as our breakfast

We had the Mushroom and Beef pie and 
Steak Cheese and Bacon one.

I still think about it.
The pastry is not too thick, which I like,
the gravy is delicious 
the beef chunks are generous.
Such a luscious savoury breakfast on the go!

my local friend said Jesters Pie is better!!!
arghh i really wanna try!!
To me Miama Bakehouse is really good already!

5. Simmos Icecream
Heard so much about it
We took a longer route just to have some ice cream.
Sounds like so much fun 
but it's really not worth it...

Super huge scoop but really it's just ice cream.
We had Rum and Raisin and Whiskey and Prune 
same same but different.

But it's just ice cream.

I wish I gave myself more time for wine tasting at Margaret River!!!

6. Settlers Tavern
Once of the best meals I had.
We just went for the specials of the day 
and nothing disappointed.

The Spiced Moroccan Beef soup with chunks of carrot and potato,
drizzled with Greek yogurt.. so good!
It's been a while since I had hot soupy stuff,
especially in the cold, 
and the Asian in me was so satisfied!

The BBQ pork belly was sooooo amazing.
I've always heard of melt in your mouth fat,
and I finally experienced it.
The mac and cheese was a delight, 
as usual dairy in Aussie can't go wrong,
and the cheese was light and yummy.

What I thought was cake turned out to be couscous, with whipped butter!
Super yums, but I was kinda full when I started on it.

We couldn't get enough of fish and chips honestly,
and this was no disappointment!! :D

7. White Elephant Beach Cafe
open 730am-3pm only!
when the view is most gorgeous!!

You have to come here.

Fresh simple ingredients that pack a punch, 
mine was smashed avocado and spiced pumpkin on brioche,
with 2 poached eggs, and dotted with feta cheese.

Big Breakfast with everything
absolutely yummy.

Also blogged about What To Eat in Perth (and what not to!)
-- HERE --



I'm pretty hardcore about wanting to know as much as I can about the place beforehand,
what's the most recommended food,
what not to miss out,
and I'm definitely not one of those who would just stroll into any place to eat.
No Time To Waste and No Calories To Sacrifice 
when travelling!!

Many times just around the corner might be 
the best hole in the wall restaurant 
and I don't wanna miss out!

So I found it interesting when I travel with friends with different travel styles, 
(some just ask the hotel reception to recommend something around the corner)
so I wanna share how I organise my itinerary.

1. I google for travel blogs, tripadvisor rankings, 
and check out instagram hashtags of #perth and #margaretriver 
and see what comes up most often/looks good! 

P/S: This is one other reason why I am choosing to blog about my honest opinion
about some of the food I've tried 
that are really not so fantastic =/

2. I star all these spots on my Google Map! 
It's great for one stop checking out of 
opening hours, reviews, 
and everytime I'm in a certain place and wanna decide where to eat
I can pick out the nearest place.

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