Sunday, October 26, 2008

251008 David Tao Concert in Jakarta

This was the first time I went to the airport alone, and flew alone :)
It was interestingly liberating,
not having to look back,
not having company,
completely ME time.

At times like this, I think up lyrics in my head
and type them in my phone as I step onto the travellator.

Lyrics, mostly about travelling,
about a certain sense of loss when you're constantly away...

Jakarta's airport reminded me of Singapore's East Coast chalets,

with red tiled roofs and wooden beams -

a throwback to the good old days,
so vastly different from the glass-and-steel airports I'm used to nowadays.

Once I reached the venue, Sands Club,
I was brought into a neon paradise of endless free food, massage, KTV and pool.

No night.

Nor day.

i'd say

that my pool skills has improved.


it was a VIP suite to watch the show from

our stage

we had ALL our meals here.

every meal was a similar multiple course affair

desserts scattered on the KTV tables

the manager in our room acceded to our every request -
when i asked if i could go online in the room,
she said: oh, do you wanna go online here?
i said : here?
she: sure, we have wireless.
me: cool, ok.
she: we can bring laptops in.
me, amazed: err, ok!
she: how many you want?
me, more amazed: err.. who wants to go online here? paradise just got better.
(some hands shoot up, others continue playing pool)
me: three?
she: ok.

some guy appears with 3 laptop bags and an entire wireless setup.


More about the show :)


stars who have graced the stage

come come, follow me...






rehearsal starts :)


didn't take pictures from stage since we were soooooo near the audience
and i didn't wanna be too obvious about it :)

the crowd took a little time to warm up, but i must say David really worked them well!
it was a shorter show than our full-length concert, which lasted about 1.5-2 hours
so it was a breeze :)

it was also great to meet some of the fans later outside the ballroom,
hello to those who read my blog! :D

people who made this show possible :)

thanks guys!

off to Tianjin tomorrow for Amei's concert :)

I borrowed 4 books from the library to feed my brain.



Anonymous said...

heyy kewei,
the 5th pix abit scary at the back =.=
anyway, jiayou for concert :)
cya dis sat!~

anett said...

hey, kewei .. It was very nice to finally meet you in person in Jakarta last week. Good luck for your next concert. You Rock.
PS. I would like to share you the pic we took together.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow~~

123 DT's ending~ seems fantastic

and I also saw a familiar shadow - little 'fat'DT,haha~

Your team looks so far so busy, but completely good. Travelling with your blog, nice pix and promptely information :X

Last but most important, take care as health is the most critical issue for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei,just forgot to tell you I have some pix wanna sent to you, but don't have your email address, so how can I send to you? Or may trouble you to mail me first, then I reply?

My mail add is ha~

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

Thanks for the sharing again. I wish I can be there, but.... I like to read your blog because it made to feel like i have been there.^^

Wish you the best with the rest of concerts with Mei and Lee Hong.
Take care~


Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei,
The story about Laptop is so funny!
I couldn't go there, but i'm happy to share the story.
Navin called me lastnight,I think you've already arrived at Tianjin.
Tianjin should be more colder than last DT concert.
Take care, don't catch a cold!


Anonymous said...

wah ghost scary siah...

Anonymous said...

Hello, miss Kewei!!! I was so glad to meet you after DT's concert at SANDS! We were Leehom's fans who were very excited watching DT's concert??? Hope you still remember!!! And we took pic... as Anett commented on this wall, we would like to share the pic with you! We'll send it to you, girl!
I have to say it was a good show!!!! DT sure has brought lots of talented people with him!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

your work is so cool. meeting with pop stars and such. how id wish.

Anonymous said...

hi kissbell!

It's popstar2008 from meetoto here.
I'm like so so so envy if ur super intertesting and exciting life!
Wah! david tao is like an impossible guy to meet and u've already sang for him many times..
Im surprise, i mean looking at how busy u are, u still manage to blog. cool pics and entry uve got here!
oh ya. from ur meetoto fren here, that is if u still remember me, would like to ask for a gigantic request of u doing a cover of a song, "bubbly" by colbie caillat. hehe.. here's the youtube link of the song with lyrics,

erm hey but if ur busy then.. its ok =)

well alrights..
stay happy always!


Jing Rui said...

looking forward to seeing you on stage this coming saturday for Lee Hom "Music-Man" concert!

I will be there, so excited!

Foxfoo said...

Hi kewei, know you ccme back SG only today for Lee Hom's concert in SG. All de best to you and ganbatte. rem to update ur blog~

Anonymous said...

i love the architecture !! your life is so exciting =]


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