Friday, October 9, 2009


incredible album, i must say.
it felt like an adventure, and i was found myself both amused and humbled, by the creative ideas behind it, and by the amount of effort and sheer work put into the album.

Check out for more behind-the-scenes production of this album...
i learnt to appreciate the intricacy of the music more than ever, and looked out especially for the instruments used. :)

strips for mixing...
these masking tape strips are laid down on the mixing board to label the tracks in each song

my name on the track Play *wooot!*

Check out the review written by Ken from 1003FM :)
"... 看到新加坡音乐教父吴庆隆及和音天使郑可为的名字出现专辑中,小小骄傲了一下。"

Thanks Ken!


michelle@HK said...

i really have no idea about those arrangment strip but just wanna say it must be very increditable!!

I really love the concept of 69 Album. and u did the great job in "PLAY". Im sure you learnt alot and enjoy the whole process!

Kewei, you know what.. while some ppls are seeking their direction or busy to prepare their singing contest, you have been already doing alot amazing performance with most talented musician in Asian Chinese music industry! Keep it up! You work-harding is very inspiring ! I guess I have listened quite many of ur work with them already... Time for ur own Album/EP!!!
Did u say you may possible to have a gig in Backstage resturant in HKG? Please let me know if u really come to HKG!

Stephanie said...


I have got a few questions i would like to ask? When you were younger, did to take and lesson to learn any instrument or you learn them by yourself? And singing too. You do attend lesson as well?

I'm curious and i enjoy hearing you sing.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

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