Thursday, October 15, 2009

love bomb

so if you followed my twitter you'd know i met pharrell williams at the louis vuitton shop @ the incredibly glamorous Orchard Ion a while back.


Did i mention he's hot?
Did i mention he just stood there to listen to me sing, and before he left he said goodbye?
i smiled... and forgot my lyrics.


i imagined going up to him, saying
"hey sup. you know, we're just one degree apart yo, i'm now singing in a band with an Asian artiste, that your drummer Eric Fawcett is playing for now"

okay, but i didn't.


we had great fun,
with champagne and chocs on sticks floating by...

but i came back and youtubed him like a stalker -
and Love Bomb is the BOMB.
i love it to death.


nony said...

I would imagine myself going up to kiwi and say, "hey hottie, you know, we're just one degree apart... yup, we're now in a CO with a Chinese conductor, that a few of us, your seniors, are playing for..."

okay, but I didn't. *sulks*

MF said...

i love NERD!!! you are so lucky!

Unknown said...

enter the women's health

Unknown said...

have ever seen the led flashlight


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