Saturday, November 10, 2007

081107 Amei Concert in Singapore - Born To Sing

david said to me during rehearsal,
don't you think some people are just born to sing?
like amei. even the way she talks is melodious.

amei is the #1 performer,
her voice, stage presence, personality sparkles onstage.

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the Singapore show was a warm, fuzzy one that really built to a climax at the end :)
1st time I performed at a 4-sided stage,
and it was cosy, the fans were endearing.

the band all squooshed into a pit:
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during rehearsal

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strangely, now that i think of it,
because all 4 sides were almost equidistant from the stage,
all the individual screams could be heard clearly.
the incessant "ahmei wo ai ni!" "ahmei jia gei wo!" made her laugh so much
that she couldn't even start to sing 原来你什么都不想要 properly.

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i love that the fast songs are all medleys, that really kicks ass.
and that the concert ends on a crazy high note of 三天三夜 that gets everyone off their seats and start wiggling their bonbons in their little space.

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there are lines that always made me cry when she sang live,
i'm getting better at dealing with it now..

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from 认真,

from 真实,

from 别在伤口洒盐,

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*woooooh* its gettin hot in here!!!!
we attempted a group shot but everyone was confused and dazzled by the gold bikinis and furry redheads, so it ended up pretty disorganised i guess. HA!

i've memorised my 火 parts so i can pay full attention to their jaw-droppingly seeeexxxxyyyy routine for 火.

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fluorescent bikinis!

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opening curtain

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quirky music stand lights

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jim is smeared dark so he looks more like a scary alien (complete with lights)

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halfway thru concert... 2 sick cats sharing lozenges... (i mean, 1 each la!)

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@ post party with the diva!

more razzle dazzle pix from shanghai show soon :)
the biggest stage and venue i've ever seen!!!


Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

I am so exciting after reading this because my friends and I will go to Amei's concert on 12/23. I cannot wait to see U and Ameis' performance in Taipei yo~~^^

By the way, did you see my other msg about the photo album(about DT concert)^++++^

Anonymous said...

kewei jiejie
i so envy with u
i love to compose songs
and write songs
but just no keyboardist to help me play the background sounds. sobsobx..
love ur singing

Aviawind said...


I went for the concert on Deepavali day as well~! It was the most fantastic concert I went so far in my life~! A-MEI is really a born natural singer who can bring the audience to their feet and boogie with her~! You are great too~! Kinda envy your position at that moment; you are singing with the DIVA!~~ she must be a very friendly person isn't she??? I was almost in tear too when she sang 天天想你,記得, etc etc...her voice in my opinion, no one can replace her. Dun you think so?

Shiphire said...

Wow. your clothes are shiny~

Anonymous said...

hi Kewei

Thanks for the pix! You and Amei can almost pass off as sisters :p

Can you please ask (beg) Amei to come back again next year for another concert? Please?

Anonymous said...

I always love your back stage reporting of every concert. Keep it up. I am starting to love your blog.

Anonymous said...

amei's concert was sooooo good i cant describe how good it was! very proud that the band's singaporean! can u tell us where amei's concert's off to next? cant find info on the world tour, now i feel like catching it again!

Sharon said...

wow cool.
amei concert was great and really HIGH!

upload more fotos yah =)

K said...

dear sophie! yes i saw ur photos, thanks so much! see you in taipei! hehe if u realise, the band is almost the same :p

to wenya, u can actually try learning guitar, its easier to sing and play using that :)

to aviawind, yeah! i am very lucky! and i enjoyed the concert too! amei just makes you cry in an instant, doesn't she?

to shiphire, yeah, my dress is all sequinned. in fact those tiny little pieces gave me so many little cuts all over my arms and thighs. :S

to chris: no concerts in sg soon i think..

kclau: thanks! my pleasure!

anon: amei's next concert is in taipei just before christmas.

Anonymous said...

to kewei: i learn bits and bits of keyboard only.. but not really well. sians.. guitar..i cant leave long nails. hurhur..

XT said...

hello kewei (:

hope you still remembers me . .
anyway, hope the drink still taste good cos bought it during evening before work. so sian, unable to go ahmei concert, hope there will be another one in sg in future. really outside hearing tempting me to go in to watch, think will sure get HIGH one!

see ya soon! take care.

xueting (xt) here

XT said...

here is my blog..

feels free drop by to tag...thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!
And...should it be 071107?????
BTW, who is David?

Anonymous said...

To Anon above,
David is David Tao lah!

Anonymous said...

to anon, is it! i should think it's 8nov. hmm.

anyway, oops my david refers to david tan, not tao :p

Skydreamie said...

wow.. you got a really nice vocal!! hahaha i know i'm not the first one who said tat =p
but i guess tis is definitely a very good compliment for all singers =)
yesh yesh, i love ahmei too!!! lol~


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