Thursday, April 15, 2010

the magic of tour

i watch the first 10 seconds and already
i tremble at the thought of the magnitude of shared emotions, joy, grief and passion
that is shared during a series of live concerts...
that we term The Tour.

From John Mayer's blog

... My new favorite part of playing shows is looking around and watching you. It’s impossible to take a second of this for granted when I can see you letting loose and dancing and singing along and getting to watch that weight on your shoulders lift for 2 hours.
i don't know if i would ever get to be a touring artiste of that scale,
but we have managed to do a mini-tour with KEEP! from Kewei & Einein
(Hong Kong, Taipei, Kending completed, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur upcoming),
and I have been blessed and lucky to be part of David Tao, Leehom, Amei, JJ's tour...
so I am contented!

Okay only for about 3 minutes.

No time to rest on my laurels :)

Moving on!

update: watched an old Music Man Behind the Scenes clip while at it :)

1 comment:

Thyetus Lee said...

Hi Kewei,

I have placed an order for your CD.

Do let me know how I can pay for it using ATM Transfer.

Thank you.



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