Saturday, August 14, 2010


a while ago, i posted this on Facebook.

最近都很忙。。。專輯的曲風大家會不會喜歡? 新造型大家會不會不習慣? 想念無憂無慮﹐唱歌放上Youtube的日子。

i seldom blog at length about what goes through my mind nowadays,
instead i condense them into 140 characters or thereabouts.

but things are brewing, brewing.
double-boiled goodness to be served straight up, come September!

before it all explodes onto the big screen,
i want to say -
i miss the simple, carefree me who could appreciate and draw poetic wisdom from all little things.
i miss the space to sit down and write songs about all this little inspirations.

i'm twirled up in the messy sheets on this bed of commercial entertainment,
but part of me wants to tear through and show you how i look in the nude.

for the first time in my life,
i am stylishly dressed,
my hair and makeup preened to perfection,
and i feel a strong urge to readdress my shopping instincts
and to revamp my wardrobe!

i am definitely enjoying this sartorial revolution!


Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Find moments for the simple things, Kewei. They will be like cool water and fresh air.

x[t] said...

Happy Birthday, babe! (:
may your wishes come true, stay happy always!
Enjoy the day, woohoo! :D

Hope everything is going smoothly for you too. take care! :)

Light.M said...

Take it easy, people who love you will always love you. For the others, whatever

Rebec said...

Babe I'm soo happy and excited for u! - but a part of me now is panicking w the thought that I won't get to meet u for coffee anytime I like anymore!!


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