Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Please be Careful With My Heart ... official music video!

I had an awesome time working with the incredibly popular, but humble and sweet Christian Bautista, hope to sing this with him again soon :)

When I first heard about singing with Christian Bautista, I immediately recalled his hit song "The Way you Look at Me" :)

I was tasked to write the Mandarin lyrics for my parts, and I took on the challenge immediately!

My producer Tat Tong and I rushed them out in 2 days... here it is!
It was not easy thinking of matching the Mandarin parts with the English parts, and especially when we had to work in the Mandarin bits into the harmonies.

I'm glad Christian took to the challenge and sang the last bit in Mandarin!

Please Be Careful With My Heart
Music: Jose Marie Chan
Lyrics: 鄭可為/唐宏達/Jose Marie Chan

脆弱的心 交給了你
不管地动山移 改变不了我的坚定 And 'til life is through 我始终跟隨你
歲月來襲 相信永恒的美丽
From the very start 答應我永不分離
I love you and you know I do
There'll be no one else for me
Promise I'll be always true
For the world and all to see

Love has heard some lies softly spoken
And I have had my heart badly broken
I've been burned
And I've been hurt before
So I know just how you feel (和你一起)
Trust my love it's real for you (
I'll be gentle with your heart
I'll caress it like the morning dew

I'll be right beside you forever
I won't let our love fall apart
From the very start
I'll be careful with your heart

不管地动山移 (地动山移)
改变不了我的坚定 (我們的坚定)
That 'til life is through, I'll still be loving you
不管歲月來襲 (歲月來襲)
相信永恒的美丽 (永恒的美丽)
From the very start (From the very start)
From the very start
From the very start 答應我永不分離


Meeting him for the first time and we had to act like lovers! :p *shy*

Some behind the scenes pictures here... :)


台歌迷 said...

MTV里不像情侣,反而像BEST FRIEND。但照片真的很亲密噢!

Dee.. said...

good job!

Anonymous said...

awesome song!

Zuohan said...

Hi Kewei,

we are from NTU TV Spectrum, a committee that does the TV show for NTU on a weekly basis. Are you interested to promote your cd on our show?

on behalf on Spectrum TV

K said...

hi zuohan,

sure! please email dean@sensemusic.com.sg to arrange :)


Anonymous said...

i really realy love your duet and the whole music video!!!

-warphy from jeddah


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