Monday, July 26, 2010

Album Preview Concert at Esplanade ... 27 August! ^_^


i was pleasantly surprised to hear from Esplanade that about 50% of the tickets have been sold!!!

and Esplanade hasn't even sent out their flyers yet!

a big THANK YOU to all of you who have already bought your tickets!
i am so excited about this!

we've just sent the tracks for mastering in Tokyo, it's bound for Bernie Grundman's studio!

we are working hard to get the album out in time for this show,
so you would be able to buy it on 27 August itself before it hits the stores!

You can buy tickets here, or see more info on the Facebook event page :)

thank you once again for your support!
let's sell-out this concert FAST!!!


1 comment:

x[t] said...

heyz...looking forward to your performances next week at esplanade.
jiayou wor! (:


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