Saturday, March 14, 2009


sometimes in spates of travelling
i forget to update about some places.

not like anyone's counting.

but i have great pictures that i want to share!!!

Macau, 1 Feb 2008 - for the opening of Hotel Ponte 16 with David Tao.
a year ago that was!!!

psychedelic 8-ball right outside my gaudy hotel room window

Beijing, 1 Mar 2008, - The Great Wall!!! after DT's concert I stayed on for a coupla days.
too many pictures so I never got down to it


Xi-An, 11 Oct 2008 - terracotta warriors!!!
it is RARE for the band to take a touristy trip,
but this was a lifetime's MUST SEE
so we all trotted along.
of course there were too many pictures to sort out so i never got down to it AGAIN.

said touristy pose - achieved.

Shanghai, 18 Oct 2008 - Leehom Concert in 800000 stadium and SHANGHAI F1!!!
i love the 80000 stadium, and i stayed for F1 in Shanghai (right after F1 in Singapore)
did my touristy bit and ended up with many pictures.



Tianjin, 29 Oct 2008 - Amei Concert
we had a crazy fun post-party which explains MANY PICTURES.
post-parties atmosphere almost always depends on the collective mood of crew, team, artiste,
so it's not always a streaking wild party.

most of the time everyone just wants SUPPER!
of course many times it involves excessive swigging.


Hong Kong, 28 Nov 2008 - Samson and Faith's Wedding!
Yours Truly goes international!
A couple based in Hong Kong flew myself and Ein over for their wedding celebrations
and we became great friends :)
Ein and I also met Diya in HK, had great food, shopped a lot, even had a PHOTOSHOOT.
it was... absolutely perfect.



thanks to Danny, Pinky, Dale and Gary!

Taipei, 13-17 Dec 2008 - family trip!
this was long overdue, and involved strategic shopping, and much eating.

neon pink Doc Martens i didn't buy in the end.



Bali, 14-16 Jan 2009 - R&R at last!
finally, some sand and sea, i love sea sports!!!
jet ski, diving, white-water rafting, traversing the island on scooter in a bikini... <3


if i publish a travelogue would you buy it?


Anonymous said...

nope... but i will buy ur album

Jing Rui said...

u r so lucky...get to travel around! good for u!=)

maybe u take more nice pictures...can consider buying!=)

Anonymous said...

oh its cool to travel alot !

I know Kexin is your sister.. but you 2 do look alike so much especially in the pic shown above! hehe
I can feel how you guys enjoyed the taipei trip!

r u going to work with chinese orchestra? it must be awesome!!!!

all the best in all gigs and looking forward ur own album!

Anonymous said...

wow...nice to see these random travel pics on your blog...makes me reminisce of my past trips...a travelogue would be cool

Anonymous said...

kewei! :)

ur fc blog link hahahahah


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