Saturday, October 23, 2010


a year and a half ago,
i subscribed to this school of thought:
that unlike most Asian versions of "singer-songwriters",
a singer-songwriter is someone who writes the melody AND lyrics, not just melody.

so i usually start out with a little spark of novelty,
a metaphor,
an emotional quagmire,
and i jot down some phrases.

i would usually scribble rambling thoughts related to my working title or content...
and i would leave it at that.

most of them never get finished.
those that do, they are usually written in one sitting,
like Plastic Mannequin Love and Come Closer.

but i put faith and value in hard work,
and today i played the piano again, and tried singing to some bits and pieces of words that have been written.

just that i ended up surfing John Mayer and watching South Park: Insheeption. LOL

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