Thursday, October 21, 2010


i had spent nearly the entire month of September in China, touring with Leehom and JJ for 7 concerts...
so there wasn't a chance for me to actively promote the album in Singapore...

but I am thankful for the support that you have given me!

#6 this week on the International Charts @ HMV!
many have even told me my album is the first one they've bought in years!
i know CD-buying has been a dwindling activity this decade, so I'm glad you bucked this trend for me!

more excitedly, in Hong Kong as well!
this came as a surprise to me, since it was my 1st week of distribution, but #15!
ahh i love HK!!!
we are now planning for promotions in Hong Kong because of these figures,
thank you Hong Kong for making this a reality for me!

thank you to all the radio stations who are supporting my album...
here are some interviews recently (credits to Evonne!)

YES 933 interview with Jiafa and Weibin

Love 972 interview with Leelian and Xiaoying

Jia 883FM with Shihan

Power 98 with Sara Wee, acoustic session with Clarence on guitar!

more soon!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Look forward to your promotion in Hong Kong. Please please please keep us posted.


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