Wednesday, October 27, 2010

to be me

many things have happened since the launch of the album -
press conference
radio/press interviews
esplanade concert
crazyworld cafe music fest show

all these news, pictures and info can be found on,
i wanna keep this blog a catalogue of thoughts.

i feel like i've become less personal,
with all the facebook news spam about my latest gigs and latest photos,
and with random boring tweets.

i haven't been sharing much,
because there was a lot i was thinking about, and many things i couldn't openly share.

my label has been working hard and fighting for more opportunities for me,
and i want to thank all of them.

they're not a major label who can call the shots, so it's an uphill climb for us.
these few months, i have been educated on this world of music business, and am still learning.

i like coming back here to blog at length about whatever i wanna say.
so, i want to start over, and say,
here i am!


Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

I'm glad you decided to continue blogging here. I have much enjoyed the little bits of back and forth conversation made possible by this.

I wish there was something more I could do for you in USA.

Alycia said...

Yes please, pls continue blogging here.(= It'll be such a waste if you were to stop. )= Cos I believe this little space here holds lots of memories... And...just wanna're doing great! Your hardwork, efforts and achievements...I've seen it and I believe your other fans hav seen it too! ;D So continue persevering towards your dream k!

Cheers Kewei!
Take Care! Weather hasn't been good lately... (=


K said...

hi greg, thanks for your useful links as always :)

alycia, thank you! yes twitter and facebook updates are just too short to communicate properly...

Ing said...

Dear Kewei,

i was at your gig at IMM. i was there for another artist actually, but im really impressed by you. i bought your album on the way back btw.

Just wanna let you know you're a fantastic singer with good showmanship. i wish you a smooth journey for your future. all the best.

Jaslin said...

Dear Kewei,

Do come back here more often ok? I miss you over here...miss your sharing of feeling about your life, your music and your thoughts! Life may not be as smooth as ever but over here is the place you can count on to...:)


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