Sunday, April 22, 2012

Support Original! Support Original!

This song is written by three 15-year-olds from Cedar Girls Secondary School, who won The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 2011, and it's my honour to cover it :)

It was inspired by the theme of "What it means to be Original" and why one should support Original.

The least I can do is to credit them -
Lidiya Hidihir, Sita Rajagopal and Cheng Hoi Ting -
and to help spread the word/ beautiful song they have written. 

Here's a message I received in my Facebook inbox a few days ago:


Hi kewei,

I was shopping at HMV intending to find a suitable song for my wedding march in. I look through all the wedding albums but couldn't find any song that I like rather than the usual cannon d or my valentine. So I walked pass the display rack with your Fallen album on the rack. I looked at your album, thinking:" this girl, great voice, appear on 新光大道before, used to be the accapalla for ah mei and 陶喜喜. Finally album is out, proud Singaporean."

I picked up the headphones, not intending to find any songs suitable but just want to listen to your voice.. Then I listen till track 6 where you sang 'I'll stand by you'

I was mesmerize... Your clear bright voice with a unique feel singing: I'll stand by you.... I'll stand by you.....

I closed my eyes and fascinating that me and my husband walking into the ball room with your song in the background. The atmospher will be excellent! It's gonna be perfect!

I want to make sure my choice is right. So I asked my fiancé to listen. At first he was reluctant, not very sure who you are. He put on the headphone and I repeat track 6... He gave me a puzzled 'are you sure' look and I smiled back to ensure him.. 5 seconds into the song, he smiled at me and nod his head... We know we found the perfect song for our wedding march in...

We were about to buy your album then realize the song is too short for march in... We really liked your version of singing I'll stand by you. But we want a longer version. I search online, YouTube, blog everywhere for a longer version but couldn't find...

I really wish to play your voice on our first march in. Is there anyway I can buy or download the full version of that song..?

I can only get original album as there are copy right issue for hotel...

I seek your help and hope for your favorable reply...

*you made Singapore proud. Pls continue to share your beautiful voice..



My first response was,
I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

I was very touched by her long message and sincere appreciation of my work,
and also honoured that she would choose it for one of the most important moments in her life,
as her march-in song for her wedding night.

But CD buying is no longer anyone's lifestyle nor habit.
Even to contemplate buying a CD seemed like a far stretch,
no matter how much you liked a certain track.
There was always somewhere you could download it from,
or you could satiate that bugging earworm on YouTube.

It seems silly to want to buck this trend of non-purchase
by screaming "Support Original! Support Original!"
because it's definitely not going to happen.

This lovely message also screamed loud and clear -
no matter how much I really love your track,
and actually want to use it for a specific purpose,
I'm probably not going to buy a $20 CD.

Not that she wasn't supportive,
she was already really sweet in dropping a long message,
and I'm thankful for that.
Buying a CD is really no longer something that most people do,
except me and all my musician/singer friends who buy each others' albums.

Having said that, i want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who have bought my album.
Because you could have repeated my songs
off Youtube,
but you bought a piece of CD just to rip it back into file format,
because you  bothered to.

This is for YOU  


Alycia said...

Hello Wello!

Having to see you since your Youtube covers till now your solo album, it's so nice to know that more and more people are lovin' your voice, your music just like I do!

Sad to say, just like the majority, I don't buy CD anymore. Unlike thoses times when I'm younger, I tend to bug my mom to buy Jay Chou's album for me. Haha.

It was until whn you came in to the music industry that made me go, "I HAVE TO GET THAT CD!"

And so, my first ever original album I got after so many years was "Come closer with Kewei"!(=

Hmm, being a little selfish here, since by screaming "SUPPORT ORIGINAL" isn't gonna make anything like this to happen, I'd rather scream, "SUPPORT TAY KEWEI!".

By doing this, the possibilities of spreading the "Original" is higher cos' people who supports You will eventually support YOUR original at least. :P

Have a good day ahead!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei

What you wrote is very true, & technology, the internet & the age we live in today has certainly contributed to it. People tend to have that mentality of getting stuff for free.If you can get something cheaper or for free, that will always be the preferred option cos who doesn't love cheap or free stuff right? I guess for musicians or any kind of artist, the internet can be a double edged sword. Internet technologies like Social media and youtube have allowed independent artists to thrive & promote themselves and make a living doing something that they love, something that was not possible before, unless you were signed to a record company. However, the nature of the internet and the fact that CD buying is no longer the norm does mean that the sales record set by Michael Jackson's album Thriller will probably never be broken.

After reading your piece, I can totally appreciate your mixed feelings. On one hand, People like this girl are not buying your CD even when they like or badly want a song from your album. Perhaps, you even harbour some frustration at the internet that people can listen to your songs for free. But at the same time, how can you be angry at someone who took the time to write you a heartfelt letter and who enthusiastically expresses that she is a fan of your work? Furthermore, on some level,& I think you do realise this,is that it would be unfair of you to be angry at a medium like the internet(which facilitates people getting stuff for free) since it also helped you get to where you are today. In the greater scheme of things, I think the internet has helped more artists than it has harmed and frankly, some of these big name artists signed to record deals with the big record companies, can probably do with less money and I think that is the main reason why most people don't shed too many tears for their " lost earnings " so to speak.

I have to admit I myself haven't bought a CD for the longest time, But I always feel compelled to purchase songs on itunes that I really like or that I feel deserve to be purchased. I have noticed that Falling is not on iTunes though. Perhaps that's the decision of your record company...


A Fan.

Cheryl Wee said...

Dear Kewei,

I feel so happy and touched for you. I agree with XXX who wrote you this message cos I feel that you really have an amazing voice. It's really touching that you can share your voice on someone's special day, I couldn't be more proud of you..You are truly an inspiration and a role model to follow :) Don't ever have this "nagging fear you ain't doing your best", cos I know and can see you are. And you have a fan here who'll stand by you, cos I think you're amazing :) Keep it it babe!!


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