Sunday, April 8, 2012

2011 Lookback

Perhaps this comes a little late,
but hey, punctuality has never been my strength :p

My 2010 had been an amazing year,
with the release of my debut album "Come Closer with... Kewei".

In 2011,
it brought me to places I've always dreamt of going to,
not just for vacation, but for work!

I promoted the album in Taiwan (超級偶像)

in Hong Kong (Asian Pop Music Festival)

Representing Singapore together with JJ Lin

                        Siwon from Super Junior!

and in the heart of Mongkok at Langham Place

on various stations


at a sell-out showcase at Backstage

Barry Tam on drums/guitar, Ram Cheung on guitar, Jan Ho on bass!

with spontaneous guest artistes Diya Tan, Jonathan Wong and producer Taz Chen Taizheng!

and even got the opportunity to be part of the Hong Kong Artistes 311 - Love Beyond Borders charity theme song recording for the Japanese tsunami tragedy.

This really opened my eyes to the amazing organisation of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, led by Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Eric Tseng, in their effort to make a difference and to lend their influence to help those in need.

Also, had the chance to work with the awesome Kevin Ou on a beautiful charity fundraising photoshoot Because We Are One for the Japan 2011 disaster.

Played erhu and sang at The Singapore Entertainment Awards at the Singapore Indoor Stadium :)

This year also marked the end of my touring days with JJ Lin and Wang Leehom
Click on their names for past blogs on their world tours :)

This is really an end to an era in my life!
As blogged here, at the finale concert of Music Man Tour,
I travelled to so many cities, made so many friends from around the world,
toured with the best musicians, the most famous superstars,
and learnt so much about myself, about music, about what I wanted, about life.

I've been touring for about 6 years thus far,
and am now focusing on my own career as a solo artiste...
I'm also thankful for the fans of David Tao, Wang Leehom, JJ Lin and Amei for loving me in an 爱屋及乌 way :)

I also had the good fortune to meet Dick Lee and work with him as IPOS ambassadors :)
and later again at SingaPOP!

with some of the most talented and established artistes/producers, Kit Chan and Lee Weisong! :)

Somewhere along the way, I went to Maldives
and took Korean lessons :)

and then started prepping for the next album :)

i also tried Wednesday Wideos on Youtube, I lasted about 2 weeks LOL

at the launch of,
i wrote a song for them! :)

Also collaborated with the super cool Manhand from Malaysia in a song with Einein! :) 
ManHanD慢行 - 空杯子 feat.可為&盈盈

The year wrapped up with Singapore Hit Awards
where I performed with the 2 most talented and funny artistes Jim Lim and David Tan,
whom I toured with on Amei's tour and had a ball of a time with :)

and the Orchard Road Christmas Light up with the President! ^_^

and my first Countdown show with Channel 8! :)

Thank you for following me thus far,
for reading this blog in this times of fragmented attention spans,
when reading 140 characters or a few lines of status updates are the norm,
thank you for allowing me to write/sing for someone like you
when i could have been writing/singing to a void.

To quote myself in 2010 -
Thank you for listening to my songs,
for buying the album,
for your Youtube views,
Facebook likes and comments,
spreading the word about my music,
and for every single little thing you have done which ennobled my 2010, and 2011.

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