Wednesday, August 14, 2013

powerslim at the spa artisan :)

my usual training routine is nothing intense -
it's a once-a-week circuit training with Reactiv,
with some jogs or gym sessions scattered in the week if i'm feeling motivated.

during circuit training, 
we do full body workouts with resistance bands,
toning arms and legs, abs!!! and building strength and stamina :)

With resistance bands, you can customise the resistance, and pretty much do it anywhere,
so we're usually out at the track, instead of an air-conditioned gym.
i love being out in the open... always feel like a hamster in the gym :p

my workout companions -
shades to look good,
water to feel good
and my phone to take pictures of. 

i see physical training as a form of mental training as well,
the discipline to stick to a routine, to motivate yourself, 
and to challenge yourself to do better when you just can't do one more push up anymore...
when you can.
if you try.

so it does feel kinda weird when i'm lying down watching Friends and my abs are getting a workout. 

this is my first time getting any kind of slimming treatment
so i'm pretty excited to try this PowerSlim machine that is the first of its kind in Asia,
and helps to keep Demi Moore in shape.

it claims - "55 minutes in here = 5 hours in the gym!"
and I want some of that!

so i lie in this egg with infra-red radiation with a velvet cream applied to burn those fats,
and electrical nodes are laid on my abs to give them a workout 

my best workout this week.

this is in the lovely Fullerton Hotel at the Spa Artisan,
and they are having a promotional first trial for everyone who quotes my name!
Sign up for a 75min session at $98 here :)

by evening, my abs actually felt SORE.
i was laughing at a friend's joke and my abs ached.
the heat from the infrared radiation also made me feel like i had an intense workout in the afternoon...
very bizarre!!!

give it a try and let me know how it feels! :P

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