Wednesday, November 6, 2013

what i have been up to...

i've been working on my upcoming album
and it's going to be a full Mando pop album!!!

i've also been contemplating life,
taking holidays,
writing songs,
scribbling lyrics,
learning guitar (again!),
making Youtube videos
and #singstagram
thinking about blogging (and not actually doing it).

this year i took some time out to let the dust settle,
and i look back to only realise that this is the first time in my career that
things have quietened a little.

it definitely took some adjusting to,
some nights fraught with insecurity,
several conversations about life stages,
and rediscovering why i do what i do.

i look forward to full steam ahead next year,
but in the meantime,
i wanted to come by the blog and say that
i am listening to "Kewei Song 1 Mix  7"
and constantly trying to listen to it with a clean and fresh ear
and trying to imagine how you would hear it :)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Will it be a mixture of jazz n pop?


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