Saturday, December 14, 2013

6 Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Reactiv Personal Training Trial

Give the gift of health!
Get in shape for the New Year as we feast during the holiday season!

I have been training with Reactiv for almost a year now,
on weekly sessions!

They can workout anytime, anywhere,
using resistance bands and body weight training.

Special Christmas promotion at $88 for 5 sessions!

They now have weekly sessions!

Venue: *Scape (next to Cathay Cineleisure)
Days: Every Mon/Wed/Fri
Time: 7pm-8pm / 8pm-9pm

For more details email
or visit

2. Allscript - tailored magazine subscription

We all need some indie cult magazines in our bathrooms
to reflect our eclectic and sophisticated tastes.

Allscript has over 2000 titles in their catalogue,
and all  you need to do is tell them your/your friends' broad interests
and they will curate a selection for you,
and surprise you each month!

Love what I got this month!
Check out more at

3. Pixaroll - Photo Printing App

Send some memories to your loved ones on prints, magnets or Instagram-friendly squares!

Just upload, select recipient and prepare for some warm fuzzy feelings coming your way :)

4. Pure Tincture - Organic Skincare 

After so many years of searching for the perfect skincare,
I decided to try organic skincare.

After all, the commerical brands were all trying to sound au naturel
with white rose extract and cranberry extract and what not...

Most brands use artificial chemicals our body doesn't recognize & can't utilize,
that aggravate skin, damage cells and
create the temporal illusion of a soft, smooth complexion.
Studies show that your skin develops a tolerance to synthetics,
continually requiring a higher dose for the same benefit.

I researched extensively and was glad to come across Pure Tincture 
that carries a wide selection of organic skincare brands in Singapore!

I've been using this Suki range for some time now
and love how it feels on my skin.

In fact, the nourishing oil (that I use at night in Singapore),
I used it everyday in through Melbourne and Tasmanian winter earlier in this year,
and it was perfect for dry skin for the wintery weather!

You can pick the trial sets as gifts at $68 :)

5. Noel Caleb

Local label Noel Caleb is having a Christmas sale
All items at $50 before 21 Dec!

Some of my Noel Caleb looks,
you can buy these pieces as well -

Please quote my name and 
on the styles names, color and sizes 😊


5. 100% Plantable wrapping paper

 I always wrap presents in old magazine paper if I can.
It can be chic, stylish and definitely more environmentally friendly than a fresh sheet of wrapping paper.
In the U.S., annual trash from gift-wrap and shopping bags totals 4 million tons.

This product brings wrapping paper to a whole new level of wholesome for the environment.


6. The Giveaway Exchange

Christmas should be a time for sharing and spending time with loved ones, 
not a consumerist extravaganza. 

It's always a headache to buy generic gifts under $20 for exchange, 
I don't need another bath set, home fragrance, mobile charger, mug etc. 

I've been keeping up this tradition of our Giveaway Exchange for years now with my friends, 
and it's always good fun!

Here are the guidelines:
Bring something from your home (wrapped in newspapers or magazines) that has been
1. Left unused
2. Too good to throw away
3. You think you'd use it someday but you haven't for a year

 Here's a pile of stuff for exchange!

1. Number all the gifts

2. The youngest gets to pick a number
3. The gift bearer explains why s/he brought this gift and why it's no longer of any use to him
4. The gift bearer picks the next number

Feel free to trade your gifts after the session!

 I've gotten a pair of headphones before...

 and an adidas tee!

Hope this helps!
Spread the love!

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