Monday, July 23, 2007

有些爱 - 潘嘉丽

This is the original demo version sung for the songwriter Iris Tan :)


爱上你 让我的世界更加美丽
爱上你 自然如呼吸
爱上你 甜蜜得身边的人都妒嫉
爱上你 是我最珍惜的幸福



Please feel free to comment!

This is Kelly's version in her debut album:

Recently, a reader sent me this link:
a cantonese version of this song! called 白日夢 by 蔣雅文 =D

There you go!
3 versions of the same song!
Iris should be proud :P


Anonymous said...

hey there kewei,
really like your version of this song. nice! :)

Cz Billson said...

懒洋洋又潇洒的 melody~ 舒服!
歌词~ 没听懂~

Yuri said...

i lik the rhythm!

-ah yee-

Anonymous said...

nice voice :) n i love e song!

Anonymous said...


May i know whether you sung all the songs? because the singer had a nice voice..

Anonymous said...

hi anon,
yup all the songs on kewei radio are sung by myself :)

Anonymous said...

however i tink kelly poon did a even better job...she had more groove and rhythm...not like yours

Anonymous said...

i agree wit ah y33, the rtythm is good.

Anonymous said...

nice song.. :)

Xiao Xin said...

i like the cantonese version...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly heard all 3 version and all pretty good .... but I still prefer your version and Kelly version ... both good in their own ways ... your voice got more 穿透力than Kelly while Kelly's version sound more smooth ... arrangement also diff .... yours is simple but expressions all over lol .... while kelly's version is more full in spanish feel and a bit "worldly" which some parts I find a bit excessive. Both version I like but I think i prefer your version by a bit keke :p

Lance aka Lunasea

Anonymous said...

oh one more thing .... both you and Kelly vocal definitely better than the cantonese version ... seems the cantonese singer her 咬字not as clear as you and Kelly. Looking forward to your Album ... when is it coming out lol ??

Lance aka Lunasea


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