Tuesday, July 31, 2007


my poor little sister is down with chicken pox. :(
it's terrible! it pains my heart to see her like this...
i hope everything heals properly so there are ZERO scars.
so a gentle reminder to those who have yet to escape chicken pox,
get a vaccine of some sort, please!

on a happier note,
i am hooked onto Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS.
my little sister can share in the fun when she's cooped up at home!
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it's like DDR but you tap with your stylus.
majorly addictive!

we had a huge birthday bash for 3 dear friends this weekend and it was major NDS orgy!
There were at least 15 sets lying around and people were just shrieking and yelling among themselves playing BomberMan or Elite Beat Agents.

would be off to Guangzhou this weekend for a Hennessy show where David Tao is the special guest,
our previous show was in Shanghai,
*gasp* just checked my blog archives,
it was last Dec! so long ago...

Justin Ce Tian would be there too!
Haha I just know who among my friends would go crazy for him :)



Anonymous said...

hey there kewei,
just saw your tag on my blog. :) continue composing n doing nice music for us! all the way behind ya! :D

Anonymous said...

wow... thats a very late or should it be early entry... haha, I was doing my stuff last nite and suddenly received this email from you to join this networking site or something at abt 3 a.m., guessed u must have been still awake at that time! :)

K said...

haha yah stanley you noticed... my night owl habits are unbreakable... *reminds self to wake up tmr to swim in the bright sunshine* ......

Yuri said...

hope ur sis get well as soon as possible! its will feel suffer to have chicken pox !

HUIEN said...

can i have the song of yours?
the 该忘了你对不对(DEMO).
can you send me? please and thanks, as well as the lyrids. i love the lyrids and your VOICE.


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