Monday, July 23, 2007

my little space

i'm terrible at blogging,
but decided to start a little page of my own to update on my songs, gigs and tours :)

took a while to furnish the links listed on the right panel :)

enjoy, for now!

more to come ;)



seanny said...

u're not that bad!! im worst!!

Anonymous said...

it nice!woohoo


einein said...

great blog :-D


Anonymous said...

jiayou! ;)


Unknown said...

this is cool! for a blog to be up and running is considered successful already!

PS. how do u even go about setting up an account here?

XingYeNlin said...

you're a talent! :p

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kewei. You are doing great! You have your blog setup already and that's a great start!

Blogging is the same as singing. Remember how you get started with your singing skill?

Just use the same attitude and effort as what you put in when singing into blogging! That's the key to successfully building a great blog.

Put your passion of singing into the blog. I'm sure you will get your blog flooded with your fans! ;)


Dessy Desmond Tan said...

hi Kewei in the HOUSE~!! *sing~

Cz Billson said...

ya, here is terrible blog, but i got the worst! LoL~

S.a.p.p.h.i.r.e said...

Nice Blog.. Nice Song.. Nice Smile..


Koo Xing Yu said...

Hey Kewei!

Wah.. U must continue to jiayou! One day, we'll see Kewei with more updates! Take cares!

Unknown said...

The more you blog, the better it will get. All the best.

milk said...


so popular! so many ppl leave comment!

nice blog!

Anonymous said...


K said...

thanks everyone for ur support! *muak*
love you all leh...

Anonymous said...

hey there old friend.

can see that you're really enjoying yourself with all your performing stints. =)

really glad to see that you're pursuing your dream and engaged in something that you're passionate about. I think that is really important in life.

do take care and maybe we can meet up sometime with the rest of the 6/6 peeps! =)



K said...

hey edmund, you have a pretty cool site! :)
and hello yexiang! long time no see! :) yes we should all meet up the last update i got was tt morgan is back! haha


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